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Hello LibreOfficiant,

I use LibreOffice Calc and I am interested in Macros and how to make them more easy to create. And I think it were good, when there where some examples for macros every one can use. For example macros für copying cells, for creating tables or new files, give them a name and save them. Have you macros for this situations and what do you think about creating a page with macros examples, where every one can say what for macros he wishes and then someone adds a macro for this situation and are you interested to write some macros. -- Hogue (talk) 2019-04-07T20:16:28 (UTC)

Hi Tim,

Indeed building an example list of macros facilitates their creation and helps coders get better acquainted with LibreOffice API.

Lots of resources are already available and would benefit from being agggregated in the Wiki. Let me mention:

I suggest to initiate a 'list aggregation' from the english main page, in order to allow such examples to be flown to other languages.

As for my involvment, I am mostly dedicating myself to Python macros promotion, with a bit of Basic content improvement. Check my profile in this wiki for more information.

However I shall be glad to review any (english) example you produce, as my time allows.

Cordially --LibreOfficiant (talk) 2019-04-08T11:52:55 (UTC)

Thanks for the answer. I make a list of makros I want to write and look to learn Basic a bit more. -- Hogue (talk) 2019-04-13T20:26:05 (UTC)
I tried to write a macro wih the documentation. I want to get a sheet list. It doesnt work.
Dim Doc As Object
Doc = ThisComponent
AllSheets = Doc.Sheets
Do you think it is possible to add some macros for calc for example to copy defined cells or to add sheets to Calc Libre Office Macros, this is a list of Macros. ::When I want to run macros there is a big list of macros I can choose and I think it were helpful if there were some macros for things like copying cells. Is it ::possible to define the cells I want to copy in a spreadsheet and not in the macro. So it is something like INDIRECT. When I understand how I have to write the macros ::I can do it. -- Hogue (talk) 2019-04-28T16:21:27 (UTC)

Hi Tim,

Please refer to the following documentations:


I am Yoshi, great to see another user here. --Yoshi (talk) 2019-11-13T14:16:29 (UTC)

PIP Python Ideas from Peter aka Getting Started with Python scripts

Hi Peter,

Let's exchange 'bout your Python tutorial wiki page here