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Color management mockups (based on Mirek's mockups)


Easy hacks

Close button for Styles and Formatting

Adding close button to Styles and Formatting docked window too. It is impossible to close Styles and Formatting docked window when "Styles and Formatting" icon is removed from toolbar.

Styles preview

  • Now styles preview don't show font effects (Capitals, Lowercase etc).Showing font effects too.
  • Styles "More" don't have previews as "drop-down list" have. Adding support to Styles and Formatting dockable window too.

UI: Borders are not drawn correctly

Bug report

Improving look of tabs in Impress

Current look (win7) is first picture.
Three ways to improve:

  • Integrating tabs to toolbar (2. picture)
  • OSX style tabs (3. picture)
  • Removing them from top and adding icons to status bar (like in writer are)
S2 x.png