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l10n QA files applied:

HC testing.png

Request to delete SPAM


unfortunately I do not know how to act deletion requests for SPAM results, but I saw you in the admin list. Can you please delete

--> pages deleted

And may be ban the SPAMmers?

Thank you -- RBd 2011-02-06T13:59:18 (CET)

Ah, and now I have found the template. Thanks, -- RBd 2011-02-06T14:10:48 (CET)
I'm taking care of the spam each day early in the morning (my time GMT+3) and the evening, so don't bother to add the delete template to the pages, I'll catch them any way. But thanks for your monitoring Rainer :-) Sophi 2011-02-06T14:18:28 (CET)

Newly created pages still redlink'ed

Hi Sophi,

Today all my newly created pages are redlink'ed, and marked (Not yet written), though I can access them from their index page. Please take a look at the wiki-page:

Faq/Writer/da -- Paragragh: Diverse (in the bottom)

(I see two blue titles: 001 & 165, which are not translated today and rest in red, but somewhat dimmed, since I visited them after creation)

Whats wrong?

(I shall also send you an e-mail on another matter with a copious appendix)

SteenRønnow 2016-07-21T19:22:41 (UTC)