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Hello Ttocsmij, could you elaborate on your addition concerning envelopes on the talk page of the feature comparison page? --Kerwyn (talk) 2014-08-29T18:35:51 (UTC)

Hello Ttocsmij, I wonder if you found some time to check the envelope funtion on LibreOffice as mentionded here?--Kerwyn (talk) 2014-09-10T18:55:09 (UTC)
Hi, Kerwyn. Sorry. The beginning of school always absorbs more time than we think it will. LOL. This morning I tried out Insert » Envelope. Like Word 2000, it offers both options: as a new document or added into an existing document. But, unlike Word 2000, it fails bring forward the recipient's address highlighted in the original document. And, like Word 2000, it does not keep the character format settings for Sender / Recipient from the last envelope. Sigh. Both of these seem eminently "fixable". What do you think? Ttocsmij (talk) 2014-09-12T15:24:43 (UTC)
Hello Ttocsmij, no problem. Well maybe you should check if there are some existing bug reports/enhancement requests concerning these issues? (I tried searching on "envelope" and found this list) If not, I'd suggest to create the corresponding enhancement requests/ bug reports and link them on the comparison page?--Kerwyn (talk) 2014-09-12T18:36:51 (UTC)
By the way, is this the issue with highligting you were talking about?: tdf#71416 --Kerwyn (talk) 2014-09-12T18:40:05 (UTC)