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This page contains the script for the LibreOffice 7.0 New Features video.

English Original (en-GB)

  1. Comes with new features
  2. Major improvements to Microsoft Office compatibility
  3. OpenDocument, LibreOffice's native format, updated to 1.3
  4. New icon theme, the default on macOS: Sukapura
  5. New shapes galleries - arrows, diagrams, icons and more...
  6. Glow and soft edge effects for objects
  7. Skia graphics engine for faster performance
  8. Navigator is easier to use, with more context menus
  9. Semi-transparent text is now supported
  10. Bookmarks can now be displayed in-line in text
  11. Padded numbering in lists, for consistency
  12. Better handling of quotation marks and apostrophes
  13. New functions for non-volatile random number generation
  14. Many improvements to performance
  15. Keyboard shortcut added for autosum
  16. Semi-transparent text is supported here too
  17. Subscripts now return to the default of 8%
  18. PDFs larger than 200" / 500cm can now be generated
  19. Thanks to all our certified developers and community volunteers for their work on this release!
  20. Deploying LibreOffice in a business or large organisation? See
  21. Download LibreOffice 7.0 today