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This page contains the script for the LibreOffice 7.2 New Features video.

English Original (en-GB)

  1. Comes with new features
  2. Popup list to search for menu commands
  3. Scrollable style picker in the NotebookBar
  4. Fontwork panel in the sidebar
  5. New list view for the templates dialog
  6. Built-in "xray"-like UNO inspector
  7. Many performance and compatibility improvements
  8. Background fills can cover whole pages, beyond margins
  9. Page styles can now have a gutter margin
  10. Mail merge shows warning about non-existent data sources
  11. RDF metadata in style inspector, and custom colored field shadings
  12. Calc can now filter by color in AutoFilter
  13. HTML tables listed in the external data dialog now show captions
  14. "Fat cross" cursor available in the options
  15. In trend lines, the type can be selected for "moving average"
  16. Many new templates for Impress
  17. Multiple columns now available in text boxes
  18. Direct access to the scaling factor via the status bar
  19. Thanks to all our certified developers and community volunteers for their work on this release!
  20. Deploying LibreOffice in a business or large organisation?
  21. Download LibreOffice 7.2