Videos/7.3 New Features Script

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    This page contains the script for the LibreOffice 7.3 New Features video.

    English Original (en-GB)

    1. Some of the new features in this release
    2. Hyperlinks can be attached to shapes
    3. Change tracking for table row deletion/insertion
    4. Change tracking: moved text now shown in green
    5. Color filtering in "Standard Filter" dialog
    6. Bash-like autocompletion for Calc autoinput
    7. External data dialogues show HTML tables in source order
    8. New bullet mode editing behavior
    9. One-dimensional barcode support
    10. Unified border widths across the suite
    11. Thanks to all our community volunteers and certified developers for their work on this release!
    12. Deploying LibreOffice in a business or large organisation? See
    13. Download LibreOffice 7.3