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    This video shows how to create and apply the new "Content Controls in Writer - LibreOffice" and links to this page here for more information and details.

    Word users expect to be able to import their document into Writer and find a corresponding feature set.

    Form filling is a common application that now promises improved compatibility.

    See Blogpost by Miklos Vajna:

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    Link to the Video (in German [DE]):

    Inhalts-Steuerelemente in Writer - LibreOffice This video is in work!

    Content Controls

    Writer now has Content Controls - a new way to create and fill out forms in a compatible way.

    These features improve compatibility with the DOCX format.

    The following content control types are available:

    • Rich Text
    • Plain Text
    • Picture
    • Check Box
    • Combo Box
    • Dropdown list
    • Date

    Reorganize Form menu

    LibreOffice's factory default shows the Form menu in the old view with additional Content Control(s) to choose from.

    You can reorganize the menu for easier use.

    Choose Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOfficeWriter ▸ Compatibility from the menu.

    The "Options - LibreOffice Writer - Compatibility" dialog will appear.

    There put a check mark at "Reorganize Form menu for Microsoft compatibility" and click OK.

    After that, the Form menu is organized differently.

    Rich Text

    Position the cursor where you want to insert the Rich Text element.

    Choose Form ▸ Content Controls ▸ Insert Rich Text Content Control from the menu.

    This is an inserted Rich Text element:

    7432EN Writer RichTextInserted.png

    Highlight the field and enter the desired text.

    7432EN Writer RichTextInsertedWithText.png


    7432EN Writer RichTextInsertedWithTextFormatted.png


    Position the cursor where you want to insert the "Images" element.

    Choose Form ▸ Content Controls ▸ Insert Picture Content Control from the menu.

    This is an inserted image element:

    7432DE Writer Element BildLeer.png

    When you click the element for the first time, the file search window opens and you can select an image file.

    If you cancel this process, the next time you click on the element, it will be highlighted and you can select "Insert Image".

    7432DE Writer Element Bild.png

    The original inserted image has a rectangle shape.

    7432DE Writer Bild.png

    Due to the default square shape of the Picture element, the image was compressed.

    You can now change this.

    Double-click on the image in the Picture element.

    The Picture Properties dialog appears, which contains several tabs.

    There you have in the tab "Position and Size" a button Original Size.

    If you click there, the square image element including the image will be resized and proportioned.

    7432DE Writer Element BildNichtGestaucht.png

     Note .
     Be aware, when choosing the Original Size button,
     that very large images may not fit into the proportion of the page size.

    Check Box

    Content controls for checkboxes contain a single character.

    They are used to make a binary selection.

    It consists of a small square each with the states:

    7432EN Writer Element CheckBoxSelectedNotSelected.png


    The element Dropdown-List is used to provide selection options.

    Insert a Dropdown-List.

    To do this, choose Form ▸ Content Controls ▸ Insert Dropdown List Content Control from the menu.

    7432EN Writer Element DropdownList.png

    Initially, only one item is selectable.

    Place the cursor in the text.

    Choose Form ▸ Content Controls ▸ Content Control Properties from the menu.

    The "Properties Content Control" dialog appears.

    There you can create your selection texts for the Dropdown-List.

    Date field

    This field is used to display a date that can be selected via a mini calendar.

    Insert a date field.

    To do this, choose Form ▸ Content Controls ▸ Insert Date Content Control from the menu.

    The element will appear with a text "Choose a date".

    When you place the cursor in this text, a downward pointing arrow appears on the right of the element.

    Click on this arrow and you will get the calendar by which you can make the desired Date selection.

    7432EN Writer Element Date 01.png

    Press the ↵ Enter - key when you have highlighted the desired date.

    The date will now be displayed.

    7432EN Writer Element Date 02.png

    To change the format of the Date, place the cursor in the Date.

    Choose Form ▸ Content Controls ▸ Content Control Properties from the menu.

    The "Content Control Properties" dialog appears with the formats for Date.

    Select the date format you want and click OK.

    For the format to take effect, you must select the Date again and press the ↵ Enter - key.

    7432EN Writer Element Date 03.png

    Addition in version 7.5

    Use the Menu Form ▸ Content Controls again.

    Formatting Content Controls

    You can format the "Rich Text", "Plain Text", "Check Box", "Combo Box", "Dropdown-List" and "Date" Content Controls as you wish.

    For this you can use Paragraph- and Character styles, as usual.

    Further Informations

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    Documentation / Manuals

    Here you will find the Documentation / Manuals:

    Documentation / Manuals

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