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    The video shows how to "Create a Master Slide in Draw - LibreOffice" and links to this page here for more information and details.

    Link to the Video

    Link to the Video (in German [DE]):

    Eine Masterfolie erstellen in Draw - LibreOffice

    Create a master slide

    Why do I need a master slide?

    If you need to create slides that always have repeating text or objects in the same position, a master slide is recommended, for example:

    • If you need a background image over and over again.
    • Or you draw plans and want to integrate a so-called plan stamp over and over again.

    Master slide "Default"

    If you have not yet created a master slide, the master slide "Default" will be opened as a white DIN A4 sheet in portrait format when you start Draw.

    Create a new master slide

    To create a new master slide, choose View ▸ Master from the menu 1):

    • This will make the Master Slide view appear in a different color (surrounding gray area turns dark gray) than the Normal view (light gray).
    • Furthermore, the "Master View" toolbar appears.

    There are four icons on the Master View toolbar 2):

    • New Master
    • Delete Master
    • Rename Master
    • Close Master View

    Click on the "New Master" icon 202108 Draw New Master Icon.png.

    A new slide is created (master).

    When you move the mouse over it, "Default 1" is displayed 3).

    Insert a background image on the slide.

    Choose Page ▸ Set Background Image… from the menu.

    Via Page ▸ Page Properties… you can make further specifications for the background image, such as transparency.

    Click "Close Master View" 202108 Draw Close Master View Icon.png.

    You will now see your white "Default" slide again.

    Now insert another slide, via menu Page ▸ New Page.

    Click in the sidebar ( Ctrl + F5 ) at Properties|Master Page on the down arrow and select "Default 1" 4).

    You have now assigned the master slide "Default 1" to the 2nd slide and it will be displayed as a slide 5).

    For recurring use, you should now save your document as a document template.

    Further Informations

    Work files

    "Draw Übung - Neue Masterfolie.odg"

    Test image "Blume"

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