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The Document Foundation strives for and pro-actively works towards fostering an environment of collaborative work which is fully open and inclusive. Clear channels of communications between all the varied participants in such a distributed environment is paramount in attaining such a goal.

However in the course of exercising necessary oversight and prudence a small set of mailing lists with limited, non public, access are necessary.

In order to best address the competing needs of openness on the one hand and the requirement, from time to time, of confidentiality on the other such standing limited access (private) mailing lists are publicly disclosed here.

List Function Members
SC private Steering Committee internal use Steering committee members plus deputies, plus a few people who have been involved in the discussion of setting up a foundation, even before TDF was born. Recipient list should be re-defined by the new board of directors then, it's their decision who should stay on the list and who shouldn't.
AB private Advisory Board internal use Contains advisory board representatives, plus all the steering committee members and deputies.
Web infrastructure internal use of system level admins everyone who has root access to TDF managed servers
Security internal use of security team Selected LibreOffice developers, and representatives of various distributions.
Marketing private pr drafting and readiness Selected TDF members
Membership private Discussion of membership applications Members and deputies of the Membership Committee

The Document Foundation also creates limited access mailing lists for use for specific, one time, events where confidentiality is again a requirement. For an example: use of a private list in vetting submitter papers to an upcoming conference.