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End User 
The entity which want to use an identity
The URL or XRI (Extensible Resource Identifier) corresponding to the End User.
OpenID Provider 
The third party which provides the OpenID URL/XRI. It's named OP. It will be requested by the Relying Party to provide a proof of the End User identity.
Relying party 
The site which needs the End User to be authenticaded by the OpenID Provider.
User Agent 
The program used by the End User, typically the Browser.

El mecanismo de OpenID

The OpenID should be used to get the same account for severals websites. The user need to get an ID from the OpenID Provider.
This can be done the first time when logging on the Relying Party.

The Relying party and the OpenID Provider creates a shared secrets stored by the relying party.
The End User wants to authenticate on the Relying Party (eg. a website) which provides the mechanism to the User Agent to be authenticated via the OpenID Provider.
The OpenID Provider will in this case ask the End User for it's password, and then if the End User wants to share it's ID détails with the Relying Party.
If the End User accept to share it's details with the Relying Party, the OpenID Provider will redirect the User Angent to the Relying Party with the user's credentials. The shared secret will in this case authenticate the OP to the Relying Party, as it's a part of the user's credentials.
If the End User reject to share it's details, then the User Agent will be redirected to the Relying Party with a message that the autentication was rejected.

Algunos proveedores de OpenID

Usando OpenID en un sitio

There is severals extension for websites to use the OpenID authetication. (see below)

  • Java : NetMeshInfoGrid LID
  • PHP: openid, NetMeshInfoGrid LID, phpMyID, Clamshell
  • Python: DjangoID, PyBlosxom
  • Ruby: HeraldryPIP

Usando OpenID en sitios de TDF/LO

For MediaWiki :
MediaWiki Extension
For Silverstripe:
Silverstripe Module

Nota en Proveedores de OpenID

There is some possibilities to have our own OpenID provider. Check it here : OpenID Server on