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These tasks are available to all those volunteers who are part of the Website Group. If you want to join, feel free to subscribe to the website mailing list:

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Tasks with related Bugs

For simple listings of "ToDos" from Bugzilla IMHO this would be a more elegant solution:

Failed to load RSS feed from Error parsing XML for RSS open this list in Bugzilla


Task #2519 (New): Disable google service on for zh-cn
Task #2457 (New): google login broken for
Task #2395 (New): AskBot anti-spam features
Task #2353 (New): Googlebot Issues with ASK
Task #2175 (New): askbot: should force https for external image hosting
Task #1624 (New): RSS feed announces new questions although not moderated(?)
Feature #1533 (New): Improve Help text
Bug #1527 (New): AQ page display of karma point requirements
Bug #1526 (New): @-syntax in close proximity to parentheses does not link
Bug #1525 (New): Askbot 0.7.49 - text filter broken for display of user profile
Task #1484 (In Progress): AskBot moderation
Bug #1407 (New): ASKLIBREOFFICE: Better admin tools for dealing with user accounts?
Feature #1120 (New): ASKLIBREOFFICE: Add flat XML document extensions to list of allowed upload ...
Bug #1067 (New): search function in AskLibO is not very efficient to be used
Bug #700 (Feedback): ASKLIBREOFFICE: Original question author not displayed for wiki-style question

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Task #2507 (New): Please install the InlineHistory add-on in Bugzilla
Task #2383 (New): Improvement to BZ metrics
Task #2297 (Feedback): "clone this bug" doesn't do anything useful anymore
Task #2203 (New): Install SecureMail fpr Bugzilla to get secured mails
Task #2197 (Resolved): Get a help link to our wiki description at bugzilla page
Task #2187 (New): Link the crashreporter field in Bugzilla
Task #2184 (Resolved): add SunOs / illumos based OS to the version picker
Task #1817 (New): Bugzilla attchment detection improvement idea
Task #1682 (New): add an interface to bugzilla for see also links
Task #1648 (New): ESC Bug Stats: Improve/update generation of ODS files
Bug #1562 (New): Remove unsupported operating systems of version picker
Feature #1531 (New): Add OpenID support
Feature #1530 (New): Give automated mailing-list postings the right headers for threading in Nabble
Feature #1528 (New): Changing component of bug report automatically checks 'Reset Assignee to def...
Feature #1512 (New): BUGZILLA: Exclude obsolete Versions from Version picker

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Plone (Extension- and Templatesite)

Feature #1567 (New): Download counter for libreoffice template & extension websites
Feature #1524 (New): Enhanced localization selector required
Bug #1523 (New): Single word Extension name headings not wrapped
Bug #1522 (New): For some zoom levels: "-> Submit your Extension" text line outside green box
Bug #1521 (New): No account sign-up instructions (when logging in to "like" an extension)
Bug #1520 (New): Missing author name and/or link
Feature #1519 (New): allow to enter feedback to the extensions; public or only for authors
Bug #1518 (New): a warning about outdated is showed for mature extensions
Bug #1517 (New): Search with LibO Version criteria does not show all available Extensions
Bug #1516 (New): Activate Issue tracker URL
Bug #1515 (New): Header picture different size on Extension/Template webpages
Bug #1354 (New): Templates site: HTTP Content-Type for hosted templates is application/octet-stre...
Bug #1125 (New): Internet Explorer receiving incorrectly mime content typed oxt and template down...

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Task #2511 (New): Update MediaWiki backend in Wiki site
Task #2416 (New): ReleasePlan page takes very long to load
Task #2414 (New): Wiki gadget for Asciinema files
Task #2191 (New): Install Extension:LoginNotify
Task #2103 (Resolved): Import Development Guide to our wiki
Task #1873 (New): Evaluate as potential fix for wiki spam attacks
Task #1626 (New): Import flag templates from enwp
Task #1604 (Resolved): Adding Open/Resolved/Total numbers to the Tracking Bugs wiki page
Feature #1532 (New): Use unique site logos for WIKI and WIKIHELP
Bug #1500 (Feedback): push commit upstream
Bug #1497 (New): EasyTimeline support for pseudo Unicode
Bug #1492 (New): Captcha Description for recaptcha is wrong
Feature #1355 (In Progress): evaluate [[User:Aaron_Schulz/How_to_make_MediaWiki_fast]] and [[mw:M...
Feature #1350 (New): Sort and clean Wiki pages!
Feature #1349 (New): Update Template documentation pages

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