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    This page was marked as inactive and is retained for historical reference.
    Either the page is no longer relevant or consensus on its purpose has become unclear. To revive discussion, seek broader input via a forum such as one of our mailing lists.

    Tasks and volunteers


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    This page was a work-in-progress page to explore possibilities about the CMS to use for the website, and bring them to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee resolved to go for Silverstripe during its 2011-01-13 Meeting: this page thus lost any practical value.

    For Drupal


    Setup Site admin Systems admin Information architecture Content Usability Graphics, themes A bit of everything
    Stanislas Garret YES YES
    Marc Paré YES Yes
    David Nelson YES
    Carlos Jenkins YES YES
    Gustav H. Meyer YES
    Benjamin Horst YES YES YES YES
    Keith Williams YES
    Michael Wheatland YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
    Jim Benstead YES
    Graham Lauder YES
    Christoph Noack YES YES
    Sébastien Lanteign YES YES YES YES YES
    Ivan Miskovic YES YES
    Narayan YES


    • Marc Paré
      • I use Zikula websites but could help out with small admin tasks and where needed.
    • Carlos Jenkins
      • If Drupal is chosen, I want to propose myself to help with the initial setup, custom theming and graphic design.
    • Gustav H. Meyer
      • Unfortunately I don't have time to build it but will help where I can with anything systems admin related.
      • I also know a few brilliant souls who know the ins and outs of Drupal.
    • Benjamin Horst
      • willing to build and maintain site
      • I'm interested in the information architecture of the site--getting the data organized and the major pages configured to be as logical and navigable as possible.
    • Keith Williams
      • Drupal advice, training and minor amount of help 4+ years of theme and module development and site configuration experience
      • I have hosting resources and would be willing to host this site, or maintain it.
      • I'd be willing to do some project management and other services if we did it in Drupal.
      • I am not a graphic designer, but I know good ones.
      • Florian says that new server for CMS has been ordered and should arrive soon. -- Marc
    • Michael Wheatland
      • Passion for Intuitive Navigation and User Interface. I am very interested in collaboration to build an interface which promotes idea generation and community inclusion from initial contact with the LibreOffice project.
    • Christoph Noack: As time permits, I'm happy to support with User Experience / Usability stuff (related to my day job). I may also help with some basic graphics ... but I hope we will have some more experienced designers ;-)
    • Ivan Miskovic
      • Interested in usability, graphic/web design, CSS + HTML

    For Silverstripe

    Setup Site admin Systems admin Information architecture Content Usability Graphics, themes A bit of everything
    Marc Paré

    David Nelson

    Christian Lohmaier


    Erich Christian

    Graham Lauder


    Christoph Noack YES
    Ivan Miskovic YES YES


    • Marc Paré
      • will help out where needed
    • k-j (Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn)
      • Content and a little bit with css