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    For the marketing (of 3.4.0), and to visually stress the meaning of we would need a design of an 'adopt-o-meter' for the download page, a kind of 'meter' that shows for which group is the version ideal: "early adopters", "home users", "corporate users". This would be next to the download links on the ; for 3.3.2, indicator would point to "corporate users", for 3.4.0, it would point to "early adopters".


    Jan Holesovsky:
    " From the graphical point of view, I see it similar to meter.jpg HF_50_amp_meter.gif StylistMeter.JPG [randomly found by google] without any numbers, just with color areas, with "early adopters" on the left, "home users" in the middle, and "corporate users" on the right. I would prefer to avoid red color for any of these; none means a "danger". But - corporate users should be green ;-) The description of the 'adopt-o-meter' should be something like "Ideal for". I would like to ask you for 3 versions, each one with the indicator pointing to the different group. "
    see whole email

    Phil Jackson
    "This type of idea could be extended to apply to the installation process.

    i.e. Power Users - want all options turned on and showing Professional Users - most options turned on and showing Moderate Users - reduced set of options turned on and showing Basic User - minimum set to be functional, hide all others.

    This could apply to Writer and Calc so that a user could indicate Power user for Writer but Moderate for Calc.

    This would require that all toolbars have a ranking as well as all pull-down menu options and icons. e.g. 4 = Power User, 3=Professional User

    If a person indicates 3 then only 4's are hidden, if they indicate 2 then 3's and 4's are hidden. A user can in time change their ranking to see what is available.

    I've added this suggestion to Design/WhiteBoards/InterfaceImprovements which can be accessed from Design/Whiteboards in the Document Foundation." "
    see whole email Phil Jackson
    "People interested in downloading should not be handled as part of a certain group (early adopters, home users, corporate users), but everybody should find his/her own position in the graphic and pick the version next to this position. "
    see whole email

    " If we do such a a-o-m we should think of easy and fast changing of the version text after getting up a new version. There should be only one/two click(s) or little textual changes. Will we have many pictures in the background which are enabled when necessary or will we have a changing text which the websities with publisher rights can change easily?

    The version will change nearly every month [1] or even quicklier. [1] ReleasePlan

    We had for long time the bug on the website that there was only a screenshot with "Beta" on the main page although we have had a stable version because no one made a new screenshot." see whole email








    01 Bernhard Dippold
    808 x 435 Pixel
    • Bernhard: It's not at all a final design - not even a mockup. It's just a visual brainstorming
    • k-j: Your visual approach says ;-):

    "We have no functional version for standard users." 3.4.0 is very near to the beta and nightly builds.

    02 Astron
    600 × 650 Pixel --

    03 Vamsi Kodali
    vk aom1.jpg
    2167 × 511 Pixel --
    04 Vamsi Kodali
    vk aom2.jpg
    2,200 × 688 Pixel --
    05 Vamsi Kodali
    vk aom3.png
    850 × 282 Pixel --