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Bibisect stands for "binary bisect". It's a procedure that helps identify commits that have caused regressions. Regressions are a most annoying artifact that unfortunately come with software development and QA. We want to deal with regressions quickly before time passes and they get harder and harder to triage and fix.

How does Bibisecting Work?

Each bibisect package is a git repository populated with hundreds or thousands of builds of LibreOffice. Added to the repository in chronological order, the builds provide a fast and simple way for us to test a bug against many different versions without having to compile LibreOffice each time we switch to a different version.

We can leverage the tools built into git for binary search through commits (e.g. git bisect) as well as benefit from the compression and de-duplication functions included in git. For example, in a series of builds that each might take up 500MB of disk space, through de-duplication we can potentially use only 25MB per additional build.

Watch Effective Bisection and Bibisection (Matthew Francis's talk at LibOCon 2015 on YouTube) for both an introduction, and practical details.


A successful bibisect will leave developers with only a few commits to search through to find the 'culprit' commit that we believe introduced a regression. QA can go the additional step of fully bisecting (determining the exact commit) or can leave this to the developers. It's often easy to find the commit that caused the issue after bibisecting the bug.

With approximately 10 gigs, you'll have hundreds of builds to work with. A bibisect can take as little as 15 minutes.

Currently, bibisecting is possible on:

As can be seen from the Commits in range and Number of builds, depending upon the particular bibisect repository, this range might be on average 80 commits for old "43max" repository (reaching hundreds of source commits in some builds) to just 1 or 2 commits for newer repositories. (We also have some very 'coarse' bibisect repositories that use released versions + beta + RC builds, and these may have ranges spanning multiple hundreds of commits).

If build commit or range is found, bug is marked with keyword "bibisected", and if source commit is found, bug is additionally marked "bisected".

General Instructions

It might be a good idea for beginners to start by tracing the steps of a bibisect that was already completed successfully. For this purpose we have a bibisecting tutorial.

Note: Each operating system is different, please read the full instructions that correspond to your specific operating system (GNU/Linux, macOS, or Windows) for more complete instructions, instructional videos, and other related information.

Bibisecting relies on 6 steps:

  1. Setting up your environment, including installing any extra software
  2. Downloading the bibisect package
  3. Bibisecting the bug
  4. Getting a bibisect log
  5. Attaching the bibisect log to the bug report
  6. Remove keyword 'bibisectRequest' from Keywords field and add the keyword 'bibisected'
  7. If the commit causing the regression has been identified, also add the keyword 'bisected', add the developer as CC and add the comment 'Adding Cc: to <developer's name>'

Note that you should only add the original committer to the CC, not any reviewers. If a developer has retired from the project (check the date of their last commits), there is no point in adding anyone to the CC. Rather in this case, you should bump the priority of the bug report.

Some bibisect repositories have ranges of source commits folded into a single chunk. If after completing a bibisect you are presented with only a single one of these chunk commits, you can get the range by first copying the hash (note: not the source hash) and using it in a git log command like so:

git log c3f9dc54188b316a61dd871b63734d49b05f5d7f

Now you can copy the source hashes of the first and previous displayed commits and use them to construct a range query like so: This will allow you to skim commit messages looking for related subjects. For deeper scrutiny, see the section on detective work.


Performing a bibisect is only possible if we have a repository available for the correct OS, covering the correct range of LibreOffice commits. We have very good coverage on GNU/Linux, and are improving our coverage on Windows and macOS.

Some regressions are difficult to reproduce, and may require multiple test runs for a bug to appear. As you may imagine, trying to bibisect such regressions is very difficult, and requires one to perform many test runs after each checkout of a new version of LibreOffice to give some security / statistics that the bug is indeed present or not present with the given version.

We do not currently have bibisect support for


Versions are listed on each OS page. See #Details above.

Not Bibisectable

Some bugs are not bibisectable. These include

  • Bugs that don't show up on a supported platform (see #Limitations)
  • Bugs that predate our bibisect builds (We're working on extending the range covered)
  • Bugs that depend upon build options not enabled in the TDF builds (e.g. -kde)

If a bug with bibisectRequest Keyword is found to be not bibisectable, leave a comment on the bug explaining why we're not able to use bibisect to track down the introduction of this problem, and replace Keyword bibisectRequest with notBibisectable.

Finding bugs

Finding bugs needing bibisect

Following Bugs with Keyword bibisectRequest are waiting for a bibisect:

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
56894 FORMATTING: Cell borders drawn using (python) scripts do not draw as expected in all cases medium NEW
62093 VIEWING of preview in Print Dialog destroyed after horizontal or vertical resize medium NEW
70633 Writer EDITING: Unable to use AltGr to produce supplementary plane chars medium NEW
75218 Letter Wizard does not respect locale anymore medium NEW
81593 Regression: thumbnails in gallery have poor resolution and excessive enlargement when the vector source has small dimensions medium NEW
81757 Calculations order do not follow cell dependencies medium NEW
92880 CopyFromRecordset function not working since 4.x medium NEW
92909 UI - Table creation field data types are displayed in rounded buttons that do not fill grid cell (OSX only) low NEW
93352 RTL: Horizontal scrolling for right-to-left Sheet moves in opposite direction medium REOPENED
93890 FILEOPEN clean-up of bookmark-start and -end breaks references medium NEEDINFO
94113 Accessible focus event missing when caret moves to start of paragraph spanning two pages (see comment 11) medium NEW
95191 Forms and dialogs opened via macros on ODB file open no longer work high NEW
96176 DRAW: Slow performance zooming an SVG after opening medium NEW
96310 LO will hang for 30 plus seconds after opening EMR software alongside the LO suite (1 processor fully consumed) medium NEW
96341 Version 5.1 takes a lot more RAM than version 5.0 in Windows medium NEW
97790 [pyuno] unavailable exported functions and attributes medium NEW
98491 Split hsqldb Base application will not start under OSX10.11.x causes LO to freeze requiring force kill high NEW
100961 After inserting Fixed Date, and saving in DOC format, the date is not fixed anymore medium NEW
101376 Wordcount Beanshell macro execution causes deadlock / hang requiring forced kill high NEW
101379 UI - (on high resolution screens) text cursor is too thin and so nearly invisible medium NEW
103375 MAILMERGE: unpredictable failures: sometimes looses embedded image, or not all mails sent, when e-mailing as pdf medium NEW
103570 Java not selected automatically when a database is opened for the first time low NEW
105314 EDITING autofilter mixes "…" - 'ellipsis symbol', and "..." - 'three single dots' and produces partial result | was: Filter finds not all cells medium NEW
106484 UI: Print Properties Device tab dropdown items not applied or remembered medium NEW
106831 Can't print #10 envelopes properly and with proper orientation medium NEW
106981 The Repeat feature when you select an Inserted Video for it to play in a Loop during a slideshow no longer works (64-bit only) medium NEW
107987 EDITING: Resizing an image is slow depending on slide design medium NEW
109090 Lang pref English (USA) shows as French (France) in spell checker dialogue (macOS only) high NEW
111415 Wrong rendering of checkbox control properties when change TriState field medium NEW
111674 Always office:value="0" for field variable "Formula", which is <text:expression> in file format high NEW
112811 FILESAVE: DOCX - Dots separator in index not fully preserved medium NEW
113673 Filter WMF: fix for WMF images is not adopted by Slide Show mode (LO 6 Alpha 1 only) medium NEW
114272 [macOS] Some Asian characters are garbled with western fonts. medium NEW
114602 Query-Editor: No functions available for Sqlite 3 odbc high NEW
115077 Merge mail wizard send empty images by mail in HTML format medium NEW
116547 Export of mathematical formula in Writer document to DOCX is displayed incorrectly in Word medium NEW
117255 EDITING: Star Obj Descr (XML) Resize preview is sometimes inconsistent medium NEW
117818 CHAPTER NUMBERING DIALOG: Preview doesn't work as expected (steps in comment 1) medium NEW
118748 Accessibility events missing when Calc cells become unselected due to navigating to focused cell medium NEW
119139 Mysql timestamp fields not displayed in table data entry mode with mysql jdbc-connector ConnectorJ 8.x high NEW
119366 FREEZING with long and complex documents medium NEW
119724 macOS: Large delay before the red spell checker lines show up after pasting the same content multiple times. Lots of time spend in Scheduler::ProcessTaskScheduling() medium NEW
120014 macOS: Lots of unresponsiveness (beachballs) when enabling automatic spell checking in a large document high NEW
120154 High RAM usage ( around 300mb for 10 mins and drop to 150-200 mb) medium NEW
120358 Long multi-layered numbered list in a table became mis-ordered after some editing medium NEW
120360 Draw extremely slow when table is added medium NEW
120440 Memory usage is increasing rather fast when creating lots of empty documents (45) and pasting a plain text in it medium NEW
120646 Handling of columns in section not correct medium NEW
120796 Attempting to open a ".txt" file with Calc selected from Windows explorer "Open with", opens Writer instead medium NEW
121092 Libreoffice does not allow saving Advanced Properties options with SQLITE 3 over ODBC medium NEEDINFO
121860 System slows down (freezes) while marking/selecting a lot of single cells by Ctrl+Left Mouse Click medium NEW
122206 FILEOPEN: Opening XML file with XSLT filter opens with plain text import dialogue medium NEW
122381 LibreOffice Writer Menu and Toolbar Freezes for 5-10 Seconds when help pack is installed medium NEW
122585 Classification: by using the dialog, footer text from policy is not placed in the document - it is the same as the header medium NEW
122586 Classification: by using the dialog, Watermark text from policy is not placed in the document medium NEEDINFO
122779 FILEOPEN (BASE) Connection to Oracle DB via ODBC ends in [ODBC][ORACLE] Optional Feature not implemented medium NEEDINFO
122952 Writer typing lag when editing text while header image is showing on screen medium NEW
122968 Stuttering/ judder while scrolling using page down (pages per second rate has worsened) medium NEW
123167 BASIC: Pictures in buttons are not persistent in a dialog medium NEW
123234 Missing characters while exporting to PDF using certain fonts (IM fell from arch user repository) medium NEW
123418 Showing all comments takes longer compared with (Win-only) medium NEW
123419 Scrolling around in a document with lots of comment shown very slow compared to medium NEW
123466 Suspicious Log Messages about String comparison medium NEW
123555 Table of Content link tooltip renders blank squares instead of Chinese characters in Word openxml document (macOS-only) high NEW
123633 Web view and hide whitespace causes view position to jitter until entire document is reformatted medium NEW
123700 Adding selection mode is unreliable, clearing selections instead of adding medium NEW
123844 Groupedbar compact almost empty on macOS high NEW
124000 FILEOPEN DOCX Last row of OLE object table is missing because rows taller in LO medium NEW
124104 LibreOffice Base: Text cut off in GUI elements with font scaling enabling or when font size increased above 12 point medium NEW
124213 A recovered document has "(Remote)" in the title medium NEW
124214 Fuzzy rendering of a FontWork after some stressing medium NEW
124852 Heading characters much too big when copy-paste as GDI metafile medium NEW
125487 Small delay when closing a simple document containing fontwork with pattern fill medium NEW
125641 Slow scrolling responsiveness after saving a file with lots of comments medium NEW
126094 CRASH closing LibreOffice while progress bar dialog is displayed medium NEW
126352 “Create Style” Dialogue Does not Work Correctly if Opened via Menu or Toolbar: (often/always) shows other styles than the 'own styles', sometimes inactive when it shouldn't .. medium NEW
126750 Macro not working .xlsm medium NEW
126881 CRASH: Closing LibreOffice while file in frame is being loaded medium NEW
126961 Cannot link to macOS address book - crashes and restarts high NEW
127184 AUTO CAPTION: Problems with Image Caption “Figure” in German UI medium NEW
127310 Base/BASIC: RectangleShape object does not display an image by setting its FillBitmap medium NEW
127629 UI: Question to open links when opening a master document in English but different UI language medium NEW
127665 Address Datasource Wizard shows incorrect list of possible datasource types when compared to File> New >Database> connect to exising database medium NEW
127699 trail left by objects while dragging them with arrow keys in LibreOffice Impress medium NEW
127790 Slide Show mode black screens if a zero width zero height image is inserted on slide medium NEW
127833 Field shading in comments not properly refreshed medium NEW
128498 OPTIONS DIALOG: "Update Links when Loading" doesn't work for sections medium NEW
128580 Copy text from Word is pasted as an image in Mac OS medium NEW
129180 UI Print dialog shows incorrect paper size by default medium NEW
129898 Drawings during presentations wouldn't be shown when setting "mouse pointer as pen" in the slide show settings medium ASSIGNED
130972 FILESAVE "Edit filter settings" grayed out / not accessible in "Save as" dialog of both Calc and Writer medium NEEDINFO
131100 : Link to external .ods file returns incorrect data medium NEW
131620 Unable to enter accented characters in Calc, Page properties, Header (Linux-only) medium NEW
131634 Crash in sd::View::SdrEndTextEdit(bool) medium NEW
132207 Scrolling a selected table with lots of cells slow (comment 3) medium UNCONFIRMED
132417 EDITING ODT: LibreOffice is responding slowly medium UNCONFIRMED
132456 Lots of time spend in SfxBroadcaster::RemoveListener Undoing deleting a row (3/4 minutes) medium NEW
132629 can't spell check using right click in merged cells medium NEW
132679 FILEOPEN DOCX Crash when editing formula inline medium NEEDINFO
132713 FILEOPEN Old base file (*.dbf) created in LO fails to open in high NEW
132714 Crash when deleting table-row used for diagram generation. high NEW
132758 crash swlo!SwNodeIndex::operator!=+5b7a medium NEW
132820 UI: Height input box smaller compared to width (document specific) medium NEW
132900 Delay when opening Customize dialog the first time (Windows-only) medium NEW
132901 Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Online update does not handle the situation of "online update" feature not being installed gracefully medium NEW
132929 Shape at the wrong position after save and reload caused by undo (see comment 2) medium NEW
132930 Anchor changes from to character to paragraph after undo save and reload medium NEW
132934 Memory usage for viewing presentation has increased from 200 to 300 mb medium UNCONFIRMED
132978 LO Base: Print Form made from query, can't see the records in result.pdf medium NEW
133059 Inserting/Changing header/footer in impress doesn't apply immediately to the current slide medium NEW
133089 macOS: Some character can't be rendered; square medium NEW
133228 Moving a cell with mouse shows only black dot instead of helpful cell highlightning medium NEW
133388 Images stacked onto each other are hard to separate (the move in tandem);on insertion on top of each other (see comment 4) medium NEW
133447 Some animations (Zoom, Stretchy...) break animation sequence medium NEW
133660 Changing table styles corrupts table contents medium NEW
133776 No border when dragging columns (MacOS) medium UNCONFIRMED
133959 Image changes position after changing anchor from paragraph to character and dragging the anchor medium NEW
133968 Freeze hang after deleting index and undo with old swx medium NEW
133996 Very slow opening of a ODS with autofilter + conditional formatting medium NEW
134008 Scrolling slows down around WMF images (GDI-only) medium NEW
134014 UI: Styles deck empty under specific circumstances medium NEW
134198 Copy/paste of a doc results in deviating number of pages of the original (in single page view) medium NEW
134201 Crash after pasting several times, then undoing those, then redoing medium NEW
134203 Layout loop medium NEW
134237 Soft edge feature produces lag when scrolling (and mouse-scrolling to zoom) multiple high-resolution images in Draw medium NEW
134324 Scrolling is lagging when rendering images or tables in Ubuntu 20.04 medium NEW
134385 FILESAVE DOCX Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style not overridden medium NEW
134407 Too narrow preferences dialog medium NEW
134417 Layout loop/freeze after changing anchor from to paragraph to to character medium UNCONFIRMED
134452 Page break disappears after applying table style medium NEW
134489 Paste as RTF substantial slow compared to save as RTF medium UNCONFIRMED
134522 Remove --with-build-version flag medium NEW
134524 FILESAVE DOCX/DOC: Images gone after inserting a gallery object (followed by save & reload) medium UNCONFIRMED
134525 File open/file copy/paste requires 3-4x more memory low UNCONFIRMED
134788 Inserting a table with 4000-6000 takes a long time to process since 5.1 medium NEEDINFO
134821 Empty pages after pasting multiple times medium UNCONFIRMED
134869 LO Writer: Grey line at the right and bottom when pasting an image - not in Print - only in view medium NEW
134949 FILESAVE/OPEN: Layout changes after file & reload (related to anchoring) medium UNCONFIRMED
134979 Relative is lost if relative is checked on table tab & go the column tab & press OK medium NEW
134989 FILESAVE RTF: Unexpected insertion of a section medium NEW
135003 Image in exported DOC moves the wrong direction (jump right when pressing down) medium UNCONFIRMED
135010 Memory usage opening and scrolling a DOCX increased from 600 to 1250 MB; still 360 MB in use after close medium UNCONFIRMED
135014 FILESAVE DOCX: Crash after opening and making and edit and save medium NEW
135026 Large arrow images on file save rtf (and missing text) medium NEW
135031 Help files not found (in master) medium NEW
135039 Freeze pasting with track changes enabled medium UNCONFIRMED
135040 Freeze hang after paste medium UNCONFIRMED
135070 Crash clicking cover page while document is still loading medium UNCONFIRMED
135073 Crash of the document recovery window medium NEW
135079 Formatting of simple .RTF one page A4 document completely screwed up medium NEW
135084 Crash on undo ucrtbase abort medium UNCONFIRMED
135092 Images disappearing from document after saving ODT to DOCX (and showing tracking changes) medium UNCONFIRMED
135096 LIbreOffice is showing empty image frames after save to ODT (tracking changes enabled). File reload solves it medium UNCONFIRMED
135116 Undo accept tracking changes takes +/- 2 minutes to respond medium UNCONFIRMED
135130 Tracking changes object still available after deleting if recording is on medium UNCONFIRMED
135155 FILESAVE DOCX: Image anchored to character not properly aligned medium NEEDINFO
135164 FILESAVE DOCX: Heading get bullets medium UNCONFIRMED
135166 FILEOPEN RTF: A part is marked as deleted change and should be so medium NEW
135171 FILEOPEN: DOCX: file exported from LibreOffice takes long long time to open medium NEW
135194 Shortcut ALT+Cursor Down not working on database grid dropdown item medium NEW
135202 LO and 7.0.1 fail with error 1045 when accessing MySQL database using native connector high NEW
135205 Crash after deleting some info and undo medium UNCONFIRMED
135206 Lots of layout movement deleting part of a text medium UNCONFIRMED
135229 Freeze/ hang when moving image in a certain path around medium NEEDINFO
135235 FILEOPEN DOCX Shape sizes relative to page is imported with rounding errors medium NEW
135245 FILEOPEN: DOCX: slow opening medium NEW
135255 Undo doesn't restore added content with tracking changes enabled medium UNCONFIRMED
135316 FILEOPEN DOCX: Time to open from 18 to 30-45 seconds medium NEW
135322 FILEOPEN DOC: Text layout after image moving off medium UNCONFIRMED
135324 FILESAVE DOCX: Image and figure caption overlap medium ASSIGNED
135337 The «Tab» key and Alt-Underlined key shortcuts do not work as expected in the «Insert > Hyperlink» dialogue medium NEW
135378 FIELD TEXT reintroduced after undo medium NEW
135380 !!br0ken!! error appears for fields medium NEW
135414 Undo deleting ole object previously accessed causes crash medium NEW
135574 Image hidden after selecting image and pressing down arrow key twice medium NEW
135575 Image is going off page (between pages) when anchoring to page medium NEEDINFO
135578 ODT images anchored 'to page', on round trip to OOXML are anchored 'to character' and can't be moved freely medium NEW
135618 Image moved with between table cells depend on cell start position and document format (ODT/DOC/DOCX/RTF) medium NEW
135621 FILESAVE DOCX: Frame ends up in footer medium UNCONFIRMED
135634 Frame content invisible for a while when dragged to a new page medium UNCONFIRMED
135641 ListBox in a table control - can't write into the cell without using the mouse medium NEW
135659 Images positioned wrongly after paste RFT undo regular paste medium UNCONFIRMED
135664 One paste of a frame with 1 images, results in 2 images and one frame medium UNCONFIRMED
135699 Image frame and content mismatch when dragging a image frame with wrap so to no wrap medium UNCONFIRMED
135712 Image moves left after changing anchor from to page to paragraph and pressing up medium UNCONFIRMED
135729 Images lost in RTF when saving ODT to DOC and DOC to RTF medium NEW
135732 Cutting image in frame in table saved as DOCX doesn't work medium UNCONFIRMED
135767 Arrow list in table replaced by numbering at redo medium NEW
135778 Characters misplaced in rtl text with fonts "B fontName" medium NEW
135846 Images disappearing of page (or becoming transparent) after moving image medium UNCONFIRMED
135854 Image disappearing of changing page wrap to optimal (paragraph where the 'as character' image is anchored to' is moving up medium UNCONFIRMED
135870 Wrong spelled underlining gone after pressing enter caused by autocorrection capitalize medium UNCONFIRMED
135910 Transparent objects either possess outlines when none are defined or are completely opaque, depending on export PNG options medium NEW
135912 PNG export of text with graphical shadow applied does not output correctly medium NEW
135967 Frames present in navigator, not visible in document (except in 6.0) medium UNCONFIRMED
135976 Anchor to character deleted with backspace at anchor position in bulleted list medium UNCONFIRMED
135981 Wrong formatting when typing (like track & changes involved) medium NEEDINFO
135982 Deleting text with backspace slows down heavily medium UNCONFIRMED
136016 Image differently positioned after undo (in bulleted list); different anchor position medium UNCONFIRMED
136017 Image frame background set to white explicitly (instead of non) on DOC export medium UNCONFIRMED
136019 Selecting a frame inside a frame or textbox inside a frame in header/footer is rather cumbersome medium UNCONFIRMED
136035 FILESAVE: DOCX: Frames within frames or textboxes within frames are positioned wrong after DOCX export medium NEW
136040 Undo doesn't restore text in columns (Hebrew?) medium UNCONFIRMED
136059 Filesave DOC/X: Non-square shape with border frame has wrap wrong applied medium NEW
136245 Page count is terribly off on file open with a large table; ultimately it will work (but seems slower). Fine in 6.0 (Windows Only) medium NEW
136284 Undo steps cut/off broken after RTF paste medium UNCONFIRMED
136287 Certain properties of controls in forms can no longer be edited using keyboard entries. medium NEW
136447 Text flow page break in tristate after CTRL+A Backspace Undo medium UNCONFIRMED
136469 Spell checker Calc not underlining wrong spelled word when copy pasting under certain conditions medium UNCONFIRMED
136473 Slow scrolling/zooming with Skia Raster/Vulkan (follow up on bug 136240) medium NEW
136515 Frame and content disengaged after moving frame followed by cut and paste medium NEW
136623 Textboxes wrongly positioned after on file open medium UNCONFIRMED
136627 Memory usage increases with 200 MB after hovering over file send (java runtime related) medium UNCONFIRMED
136717 Quite some activity on undo deleting a (large) table medium UNCONFIRMED
136749 Undo deleting a large table slow medium NEW
136806 RTF: Redo inheriting formatting from previous line medium UNCONFIRMED
136880 Comment anchor selected when clicking at the position where the anchor is shown medium NEEDINFO
136903 Crash swlo!SwRedlineData::SetSeqNo+0xf26: (track changes involved) medium UNCONFIRMED
136930 Empty image frame after undo reject all medium UNCONFIRMED
136940 A thin vertical line is visible in presentation mode medium NEW
136991 open a rtf-file with colored text medium NEW
137055 Image gone after undo multiple times (track & changes involved) medium NEW
137073 Changing anchor position of image and undo does not restore the image's original position medium NEW
137173 Document with hyperlinks hangs medium NEW
137694 Forms: Combobox or Listbox in a Tablecontrol: Entering by Mouse will destroy Navigation by Key medium NEW
137695 GTK3 - Comboboxes and Listboxes are too big for one row in a Tablecontrol medium NEW
137735 FILESAVE: Chart defects when reopening : loss of backwards compatibility medium NEW
137864 Master slides formatting for outline text format not saved (and rendered) medium UNCONFIRMED
137869 Crash after undo they modifications made by track & changes (document comparison) medium UNCONFIRMED
137882 Redo steps cut off when pressing Undo to often inside an Autolayout box, causing an exit of the edit box (which previously blocked) medium UNCONFIRMED
137935 Unchecking use Skia For all Rendering isn't stored, it's activated again after restart medium NEW
137938 FILEOPEN DOCX: Very very slow medium UNCONFIRMED
137960 EDITING DOCX Shift + Left/Right arrow movement of shape makes its textframe fall out medium ASSIGNED
138117 Custom toolbar icons rendered small even on option Large and not at all on option Small medium NEW
138282 Writer not formatting a docx file correctly medium NEW
138291 Hang/freeze after following specific set of steps with a large table medium UNCONFIRMED
138297 Outer frame and inner text frame mismatch after anchor change and broken even after undo (DOCX) medium NEW
138302 Restart of numbering is not saved when saving to DOC high UNCONFIRMED
138307 FILEOPEN: Calc chart embedded basic custom shape text missing (ODF import) medium ASSIGNED
138427 Edit Print Range: focus set to wrong input box medium NEW

240 Total; 240 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

In addition all unresolved regressions in LibreOffice might benefit from bibisecting.

Finding bugs already bibisected

For the links to bugzilla queries, please see here.

With the above info added to the bug a developer knows that the regression was introduced between the commits fb754a0df859e30255c25af8fa19bfaa75f257e7 (good) and 2d19e9bb07ccff3134f855812dddfda5c07b1fe4 (bad) on master. A:

git log fb754a0df859e30255c25af8fa19bfaa75f257e7..2d19e9bb07ccff3134f855812dddfda5c07b1fe4

on the source repository will then show the 128 commits including the one that introduced the bug, making it a lot easier for the developer to close in on the culprit. For more details, see:

Special situations

Bibisecting language-specific bugs

The TDF bibisect repositories provided do not include any lang-packs.

To bibisect bugs which work good with english UI, but bad with non-english UI (like CJKs): one should copy-paste the following files, from a release build which has your language, to the same location of the bibisect repo:

  1. program/resource/<your_lang_tag>
  2. share/registry/Langpack-<your_lang_tag>.xcd
  3. share/registry/res/fcfg_langpack_<your_lang_tag>.xcd
  4. share/registry/res/registry_<your_lang_tag>.xcd

The suggested language resources you should copy is the one for the same major branch. For example, for the bibisect-linux-64-6.0 repo, you can copy from release.

Running with a separate user profile

To create separate profile directory in /tmp/ (which will be automatically removed during the next machine boot):

./opt/program/soffice -env:UserInstallation=file:///tmp/soffice-bisect

If you want to start fresh for each bisect iteration, you can add git commit hash to directory name. For example:

./opt/program/soffice \
-env:UserInstallation=file:///tmp/soffice-bisect-$(git rev-parse HEAD)

Finding a fix

Sometimes a bug is a collateral damage of another (possibly minor) bug, in a non obvious way. In such cases that other bug might be fixed on master, but was not backported to the release branch. To identify a problem-fixing commit you can use:

git bisect start --term-new=fixed --term-old=unfixed
git bisect fixed master
git bisect unfixed <some-old-sha> # you can use "git log --reverse" to detect the first revision in the bibisected package

As you test, say

git bisect fixed


git bisect unfixed

as appropriate.

If the fix is small and important enough, it likely can be easily backported to the release branch.

Checking out a specific commit based on source hash

Sometimes you already know a specific source commit has/does not have the bug you are hunting.

Copy the source hash from the LibreOffice git history and use it to grep in the bibisect repo log like so:

git log --all --grep='29a9f433c268414747d8ec7343fc2b5987971738'

Copy the commit hash of the bibisect repo and do a checkout for it to verify your assumption:

git checkout 38758b70f5278d4d8292a2e857e80a9a1130f38e

You can use the repo commit hash when determining the bad-good range to bisect:

git bisect start 38758b70f5278d4d8292a2e857e80a9a1130f38e oldest

Doing detective work inside a commit range

In case your bibisect result is a range of commits and you have trouble locating the offending commit, you might make your life easier by searching with a keyword.

An example for a case, where we know the problem is in Calc's Navigator view:

git log --stat --pretty=short --graph 169bd7718264b0e312052757f9bbd2321e1399c2...ff8b873936aa72b17309da4bfc2775573a5b1f55 | grep -B 10 -A 10 --color=always "sc/source/ui/navipi" | less -R

Adjust the -B and -A grep parameters to control how many lines before and after the hit you want to display. When piping to less, -R preserves the colouring of search results.

Bisect skip hell

Sometimes we get stuck in a miserable situation, where we have to use git bisect skip over and over again due to various reasons. There are ways of getting out of these infuriating messes and here we will show one of them.

Example bug: tdf#123095

Bug appeared in 4.0-4.1 range.

There are lots of commits, where the autofilter is not shown at all, so have to skip those.

We can use git bisect visualize to show us the remaining suspected commits:

git bisect visualize --oneline > /some/path/bisect-viz-123095.txt

The earliest bad results are at the top while the ones you have skipped are at the bottom. The commit below the bottom is the last known good one.

My top results included

  b842ac1 source-hash-7b4d76772ef76a8de852ed647ed0cad368f70189
  40ef04e source-hash-dc173b7f2a550185404aacbc6da744cb6d1880fc
  8e697de source-hash-eb96e4325278f31b9e6fbc1d5c6a01543204ded6

So I did git checkout b842ac1, test, continue with the next etc. Turns out the third one from the top was already a skippable commit.

I made a range query with the source hashes in the style bottomcommit..firstbadcommit.

In the displayed results I searched for "filter" and found a suspicious commit about sorting autofilter popup items.

If soffice is failing with a non-zero exit code--this probably means a crash--a solution under #Tidbits for efficiency offers a script to ease the pain of repeatedly skipping failed probes.

Finding source commits from bibisect

If bibisect was done, but not likely to be correct or in a repository known to have large range of source commits, we can check the range by finding a previous build commit from the found one and then find the source range.

$ git log -1 1f14665c5624bc7a502738aa8f4f2bd70a211e72^
$ git log --oneline b6c016da23d309b4ac7d154bc33a22397974ed73..d85fd8a85501547d5bb87822d2589a07aed7f2d6


Please add your problems and how you solved them. This section covers issues that affect more than one OS. For OS-specific issues, please see the individual OS wiki pages.

Unable to extract files

If you can't extract files (you should get an error message). Try to rename the file from *.tar.lzma to *.tar.xz.

Installed LibreOffice became modified unexpectedly

Problem / Messages:

   error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by checkout:
   Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can switch branches.


git checkout .

will repair the problem. Afterwards you can start the next test run as usual with

git bisect good # or git bisect bad

If that does not solve the problem, you can try

git clean -fd
git reset --hard

The ultimate repair is to delete everything except one


hidden folder, and do

git checkout oldest

Unable to start soffice

Problem 1: Upon trying to run soffice within bibisect you receive the error "unexpected operator terminate called after throwing an instance of 'com::sun::star::uno::DeploymentException'

Solution: Reset your libreoffice profile located in ~/.config/libreoffice. Make sure to backup the folder if you have any settings you'd like to preserve for use with your stable libreoffice release. After you're done with bibisect you can try to return your backed up profile to it's original location (ie. delete the new profile folder and replace it with the backed up one)

Problem 2: Trying to run soffice within bibisect gives frequent errors such as "Application Error" and skipping via 'git bisect skip' is tedious.

Solution: Upon an error, run one-line script to skip commit on error message and try the next one. Script will stop when soffice is successfully run and then you proceed with 'git bisect good' or 'git bisect bad'. If error is repeated, script can be run again.

 while (git clean -f -X && git bisect skip && ! instdir/program/soffice); do : ; done

How to bisect RTL bugs

In case you need to bisect a RTL ( Right-To-Left ) bug, please import this variable before calling LibreOffice:


How to bisect File Recovery bugs

In case you need to bisect File Recovery bugs ( e.g. tdf#129210 ), comment out line OOO_DISABLE_RECOVERY=1 in file instdir/program/ooenv

You may also use user control:

soffice --norestore file-that-recovers.ext

How to bisect file hanging / CPU or memory exhaustion bugs

In case you need to bisect file hanging/memory exhaustion bugs, you may limit memory or CPU or time execution with timeout utility.
For example, if LibreOffice 'good' commit opens a file with 1 GB of memory, you may set soffice memory limit to 1.500.000 kilobytes to avoid 'bad' commit hanging your computer.

timeout -m 1500000 instdir/program/soffice

Or, if time required to open a file is less than 10 seconds (can be seen with 'time' command), time limit can be set:

timeout -t 10 instdir/program/soffice

Tidbits for efficiency

The repetitive nature of bibisecting gets tedious fast, so every trick you can use to make the process quicker is valuable. A typical way is to define aliases for complex commands in your .bashrc file.

The .bashrc of an active bibisecter might include a block such as this:

alias bad='git bisect bad && instdir/program/soffice'
alias good='git bisect good && instdir/program/soffice'
alias skip='git bisect skip && instdir/program/soffice'
alias next='git log --reverse --pretty=%H master | grep -A 1 $(git rev-parse HEAD) | tail -n1 | xargs git checkout'
alias prev='git checkout HEAD^1'
alias gallery='rm instdir/program/gengal'
alias pycache='find . | grep -E "(__pycache__|\.pyc|\.pyo$)" | xargs rm -rf'
alias source='if [[ $(git log -1) =~ sha:([[:alnum:]]+) ]]; then git --git-dir ~/libreoffice/.git log -1 ${BASH_REMATCH[1]}; fi'
alias sof="\$( if [[ -d instdir ]] ; then echo instdir ; else if [[ -d opt ]] ; then echo opt ; fi ; fi )/program/soffice --norestore --nologo"

We have commands for jumping to the next or previous commit, "pycache" for dealing with a Windows-specific annoyance and finally "source" for quickly displaying source commit information. The command named "source" assumes you are in a bibisect repository, grabs the source hash of the currently checked out commit and feeds it to a git command targeting a full clone of the LibreOffice source code. To get a breakdown of the command, see the Bash Reference Manual.

The above examples are not exclusive to *nix systems, but work fine in a cygwin environment on Windows. If you want to open documents from the cygwin command line, enclose the ordinary Windows path in single quotes like so:

 instdir/program/soffice 'c:\users\test\downloads\example.ods'

Further information


For details on how the bibisect archives are generated:

We want to make a GUI for bibisect: