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This page is about the technical details and Implementation pieces of our Bibisect repositories.

Bibisect Content Repos and Tarballs

Tarballs for speed

Due to various factors, including

  • Git is a slow, costly protocol (cloning take a toll)
  • Git can't resume downloads

...we ask people to download a tarball of the git repo first, and then keep that repo up to date via git.

  • Bibisect tarballs live on
  • Tarballs live in
/srv/www/<os>/<descriptive name>
e.g. /srv/www/

Repos for updates

  • Make sure to have a tarball ready before you make the git repo available!
  • Repos live in
e.g. /srv/git/bibisectzilla_linux-x86_64.git
  • The external git url will be:

Bibisect Code Repos

Bibisect-related code lives in the dev-tools repo:

Scripts available include

  • Bibisect repo generation
  • Bibisect mergeranges tool
  • [todo] - User helper scripts (e.g.

In the future, some code may live in the buildbot repo:

(Perhaps the buildbot repo would be a reasonable home for all of the bibisect scripts?)

Also see