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This page is about Collaborative Editing for LibreOffice (aka Synchronous Collaborative Editing), a feature that is under development.

Also see LibreOffice Online and Track changes (which includes a short review of applications that support collaborative editing)

Are we there yet? Is it Ready Yet?


If you are urgently desiring collaborative editing for LibreOffice and have a large disposable income, please feel free to donate to the LibreOffice project and accompany your donation with a note indicating that you'd like your funds to go towards development of collaborative editing features for LibreOffice.

If you're a developer, check out the #Development section below.

Current Status






Want to help out with collaborative editing?

Start at the developers page.

You'll need to get up to speed with the LibreOffice project and our development style:

  1. Get the code; build it
  2. Join dev list, introduce yourself
  3. Do a couple of Easy Hacks to get familiar with the workflow. This is also a good way to show people that you're committed to writing code for the project :-)
  4. Finally: Ask what's on the TODO list for collaborative editing.

Code is here:

  •  ???

More info here:

  •  ???





  • Based on message-passing via telepathy tubes

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