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This page is all about the building and development of LibreOffice Online, the future, HTML5-based/cloud-based version of our office suite.

Is it Ready Yet?

LibreOffice Online is coming along. Collabora, a company that provides L3 support for LibreOffice and provides approximately a third of total commits to the source code has now release a development version of a cloud-based LibreOffice. This version is called Collabora Online Development Version, or CODE for short.

Also, please feel free to check out the code and start editing it yourself.

Current Status


You can checkout bug reports here in bugzilla


Want to help out with LibreOffice Online development ? You're going to need to build and compile things under Linux, ideally a 64bit flavour.

First you'll need a compile of LibreOffice's core - so start at the developers page.

You'll need to get up to speed with the LibreOffice project and our development style:

  1. Get the code; build it
  2. Join dev list, introduce yourself
  3. Do a couple of Easy Hacks to get familiar with the workflow. This is also a good way to show people that you're committed to writing code for the project :-)
  4. Finally: Ask what's on the TODO list for the HTML5/online port.

When that is built and installed you'll want to checkout the 'online' piece:

Code for that LibreOffice Online is hosted here, and the two sets of build instructions are: loleaflet setup Web Services daemon compile and setup.


Learn from the authors of LibreOffice Online, check-out the slides and videos of presentations.


Follow the build instructions above, or grab a pre-built docker image from the CODE page to play with.

Reports from the Press