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This page concerns the crowdfunding of LibreOffice development.

LibreOffice and Crowdfunding

While LibreOffice itself is communally-developed, there has only been limited use of crowdfunding in its support. In general, most monetary contributions are made as direct donations.

There are a number of different sites available online where one may offer up a bounty for a bugfix or a new feature. As of September 2014, LibreOffice/TDF have not officially endorsed any of these organizations.

For more information about crowdfunding, please see Joel Madero's blog post:

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Campaigns have been proposed for advancing features in LibreOffice:

Other Funding

OSB Alliance: Episode 1 OOXML interoperability

OSB Alliance: Episode 2 tracking changes improvements

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[Status unknown!]

TDF Tenders

Crowdfunding Sites

For your convenience, here are some of the crowdfunding sites that have project pages for LibreOffice. Again, neither LibreOffice nor TDF endorse the use of these sites:

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