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Visual Design Bugs

No Visual Separation Between Unrelated Toolbar buttons

The solution is either space or a vertical line between unrelated items

Import and Export icons are too similar (?)

description changed by Astron, Apr 10, 2013 – both icons are (evidently) there, but maybe a bit too similar?

Path Bar Looks Out-of-Place

It should use the same background as the template grid.

Path Bar Should Show a ">" Between Folders

... to make it obvious it is a breadcrumb.

Clickable path bar entries should be differentiated

Make them blue, perhaps?

Save as Template Dialogue Should Not Contain Empty Space Where the Tab Bar Would Be in the Normal Dialogue

Sort by name" has large Galaxy icon amidst smaller Tango icons

No Galaxy Theming for Template Manager


Size of thumbnails within folder rectangle changes when clicking on/hovering over folder

Folders That Contain Only Files Without Thumbnail Appear Empty

It would be good to show a small (16*16 or so) thumbnail in this case

Tabs blink when moving mouse over them

This is might be something that is not related to the Template dialogue in particular, but might be related to the new layout stuff (I read something like this somewhere). (Astron's OS is: Linux, GTK+ 2 on Gnome 3)

Grid Is Not Flexible

Currently, all grid rows are exactly the same height – unfortunately this means unconditionally adding unsightly whitespace to the bottom of an item even if all items have only a one-line file name. In a similar vein, the size allocated for thumbnails is fixed too. Note that the grid should only be flexible vertically.

All Thumbnails/Document Icons Should Have a Common Baseline

Most file managers do it like this, and it just looks better

Selection background looks too heavy – Add transparency

Currently, the selection background can be very dark (depending on the user's theme, of course), and it is always very large – so that it may seem a little overwhelming. (TODO: Check macOS – there may be a very light colour)

Interaction bugs

Scrolling is Not Continuous

The scrollbar feels heavy when trying to move it, as it moves by increments.

No Drag and Drop Functionality

Sort By Name is confusing

It does not make much sense to sort uppercase first, lowercase second initially – by default, just use the sorting that most file managers have:

  • folders first, sorted by: [symbols] [numbers] [letters]
  • files last, again sorted by [symbols] [numbers] [letters]

The place in the UI where the Sort-by-Name function currently is could be used to introduce a function to reverse the sort order [letters backwards] [numbers backwards] [symbols backwards].

Save As Template dialogue needs to be modal

Otherwise, users might become confused where their save dialogue has gone after e.g. clicking on the main window.

Save As Template dialogue should close after saving

Creating a new folder should not need a dialog (just add a folder "Untitled Folder" and let the user edit the name of it in place)

Renaming templates is too easy

Templates should only be renameable after selecting them (click 1), then clicking on the title (click 2), to be consistent with e.g. Windows Explorer. (Some file managers, like Nautilus, do not allow to rename a file like that and only offer the function via keyboard (F2) and the context menu. Investigate why.)

There should be some kind of visual feedback after making a template the default

A tick or a star over the thumbnail? Permanent or fading after a few seconds?

Pressing Esc should not close window when search bar is open (should only search bar)

In fact, should Esc ever close the template window?

No big, obvious Open button

While most people can and do double click, having an Open button at the beginning of the toolbar is probably still a good idea.

Miscellaneous Bugs

Properties dialog should show the thumbnail, not a live preview with toolbars

Empty folders should be automatically deleted

This needs some more thought – but currently, we probably don't want this.

Each category should have a "Blank" template

If one sets another template as default, he might still want to use a blank template sometime. We might either:

  • list them as the first item of the corresponding tab
  • list all of them in a separate tab

Path Bar Should Be Shown in the Top-Most Folder

Search Bar Should Replace Path Bar

Or should it? This probably depends on where the path bar is located, finally

Search Field Should Replace Search Button

Actions that can't be accomplished should not show up on the toolbar

"Delete" shouldn't show up if a folder is not deletable. "Move to folder" shouldn't show up if a template is not movable. "Edit template" shouldn't show up if it only opens the template in read-only mode.

"Refresh" seems unnecessary when working locally (probably has a use remotely)

It would be better to just check the local file system for updates. That said, most file manager (at least Nautilus and Windows Explorer still allow refreshing with F5), so maybe we do want to keep it in even if there will eventually be an auto-refresh feature.


"Sort by Name" Doesn't Seem to Sort Folders Alphabetically

The folders are sorted correctly, only that first appear Uppercase ones and then lowercase ones

Double-clicking on a title only selects, doesn't open

Fixed by this patch

Clicking on empty space doesn't deselect

Fixed by commit 316463e4a9365cbe276bf6bc7f628dc2fab4fe45

Clicking on a template twice deselects it

Fixed by commit 44f49ff0db0e22c21f020f9fbd7c95526bc0b55f

Clicking "Set as default" shouldn't deselect the template

Fixed by this patch:

"All" Category Is Unnecessary

Fixed by commits

"All Templates" Path Can Get Easily Confused with "All" Category

"All" Category is dead, shouldn't be the case any longer.

After clicking a folder, then double-clicking it, the "Delete" button stays

Fixed by commit a03f34ce76108b452f2bb655e3a551dcd23ab644

The template toolbar sometimes changes

It changes whenever the user scrolls or changes category with a template selected.

Fixed by commit 7d792f39b2ca40511544c8a61d7d7f6acdd48bcf

Folders with a Single Template Inside Them Look Like a Template

Some kind of folderly shape in the background would help... Fixed by commit d75d7a5108346c3e84859e5946d49f11f8d7d785

Focus not in search bar

After clicking the "Search" button, the cursor should be in the input field. Fixed by commit 4651402a5399e00f62311bb3fe545413b0818a2d

No UI to rename folders / templates

See tdf#60579

Saving a template in a new folder is a pain

User needs to save the template in an existing folder and then move to a new folder. Fixed by commmit 8d5c061cd66c2a0d41ceda7b61cacef1365f7c4f

Toolbar Doesn't Show "Import" By Default

Fixed by a544f366867cb03ccc3a90703fc437e81fabc7a2

Search and Gearwheel Button Hide When a Template is selected

Fixed by f7c47eddc9d736ec59772106cada2e4adde9c82c

No way to select multiple templates

The dialog should support either Shift- and Ctrl-clicking or lassoing around templates.

Ctrl+Click is implemented, Shift-click isn't

Fixed by commits

Template Manager Can Be Opened Multiple Times

Reported as tdf#72587 and fixed by core commit 60126254eba8a6a6b94c60b2101ee90986161e24