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This page is meant to collect the wallpaper "development" work of the LibreOffice Design Team. The wallpapers are intended for end-users, contributors and for the use on computers presented at conferences and trade fairs.

Note: Marketing/Wallpapers is the official site for wallpaper download.

Source Data for 3D Wallpaper

The sources are Blender files (.blend) and you'll need the latest version of this software to open them correctly. One of them contain all 3d meshes and the basic composite. The second file is the final wallpaper composite, including the 3D meshes of the
LibreOffice logo.

Source file:

More information:

Update Policy

If you change / add wallpaper work, please make sure that:

  1. The Design Team (generally) agreed to the changes so that it becomes official artwork.
  2. Add your changed source files to this page
  3. Inform the Marketing Team on their mailing list about the changes.
  4. Update the Marketing/Wallpapers page.