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Communicating inside and outside the LibreOffice project

The Marketing Team is responsible for spreading the word about LibreOffice, talking to the press, making sure communication runs smoothly between different teams, and presenting the software in a fresh and compelling way.

We're always looking for volunteers, so feel free to lend a hand -- for global/general marketing, we communicate via the Marketing/Mailing List.


Events with LibreOffice participation

  • List of Events in this wiki, including a calendar. Leave a note on the marketing mailing list if you are organising or attending an event on behalf of the LibreOffice community or The Document Foundation, and it will be added to the calendar

LibreOffice Conferences

Official LibreOffice Conference 2018 in Tirana, September 27-28
Official LibreOffice Conference 2017 in Rome, October 11-13
Official LibreOffice Conference 2016 in Brno, September 7-9
Official LibreOffice Conference 2015 in Aarhus, September 22-25
Official LibreOffice Conference 2014 in Bern, September 2-5
Official LibreOffice Conference 2013 in Milan, September 25-27
Official LibreOffice Conference 2012 in Berlin, October 17-19
Official LibreOffice Conference 2011 in Paris, October 12-15

Ideas and in-work topics


Useful resources

Marketing materials

Regional groups
  • US Marketing: Pages devoted to US market (Canada junior partner)
  • North American Community: Pages devoted to the (North American) NA Community - including ISO files for DVD install of LibreOffice and related items.