TDF/LibreOffice Brochure Workspace

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    Welcome to the TDF/LibreOffice Brochure wiki page. On this page you will find the workspace and links to the different brochure templates and brochure types. Feel free to add more types and to contribute to discussions of the content and text on the Marketing list.

    Brochure Templates

    Official Brochure Templates

    Community Brochure Templates

    • The community version is for conferences, LUG meetings, small print runs on business/home printers, etc. where official TDF/LibreOffice representation has not been approved. The community version makes use of the community logo (it does NOT have the subline "The Document Foundation". It is also designed to be as "ink-friendly" as possible without compromising the look and feel of a LibreOffice brochure. The files can be found here:

    Completed Brochure Types

    General Information Brochure

    • Official versions coming soon.

    LibreOffice "Our Community" Brochure

    • Official versions coming soon.

    Brochure Types In Preparation

    Developer Specific Brochure

    Documentation Specific Brochure

    Technical Writer Specific Brochure

    Technical/Book/Novel Writing Specific Brochure

    • [DESCRIPTION: "... Piers Anthony [ ] has been using LibreOffice to write his books. The used OOo before that. He is the one thatintroduced me to OOo, since he talked about Linux and OOo in his Author's Notes. So, maybe we could have some text geared to writing both "technical writing" and "novel" and other "book" writing. Mr. Anthony uses a number of macros, according to his Author's Notes, and he moved to OOo/LO partly for that purpose. -- suggested by Tim]
    • [STATUS: ]
    • [Link to workspace wiki page: Marketing/brochuretypes/TechnicalBookNovelWritingSpecific ]

    Documentation Recruiting Specific Brochure

    Designer Specific Brochure

    QA Specific Brochure

    Accessibility Specific Brochure

    Academia Specific Brochure

    • [STATUS: Presently being worked on the global marketing list]
    • [Link to workspace wiki page: Marketing/brochuretypes/Academia ]

    Education Specific Brochure

    Business Specific Brochure

    GSOC Specific Brochure

    Corporate Sponsorship Specific Brochure

    Data Specific Brochure

    • [DESCRIPTION: pamphlet with data showing market penetration and/or financial health of the project with possible projections]
    • [STATUS: ]
    • [Link to workspace wiki page: Marketing/brochuretypes/Data ]

    Résumé Specific Brochure

    • [DESCRIPTION: Working on the TDF/LibreOffice bring many advantages that can be quoted on résumés. List of advantages that participation on the project may bring to a persons search for employment. -- suggested by Marc]
    • [STATUS: ]
    • [Link to workspace wiki page: Marketing/brochuretypes/Resume ]