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Welcome to the LibreOffice Brochure-Type: LibreOffice Community Specific

This wiki is the workspace for the elaboration of a LibreOffice Community Specific brochure. The purpose is to systematically construct the content/text leading to the design/construction of its brochure. It is part of our brochure concept.

The content/text will be built in steps:

Step 1: Identify the different points to be included in the brochure

  • use point form for the content
  • use as many points as possible as these will later be picked through for the writing of the text

Jean's comment: IMO this brochure needs to tell people:

  • How they can contribute to the project.
  • What's in it for them if they choose to do so.
  • What a great community we have that they would enjoy being a part of while at the same time contributing to a great product.

Marc's initial list:

  • our community offers developer meets (so far localized)
  • we have gone to sprints
  • QA meets
  • QA bug hunt marathons
  • support from the TDF to pay for members attending/representing TDF/LibreOffice
  • use of IRC, Skype, Google etc. tools for some text or face to face encounters
  • IRC used by our most active and contributing developers
  • groups such as marketing make use of collaborative work for PR's and webpages

Would it be best to break this down to the different teams and list what collectively they bring to the community?

More thoughts from Jean:
We need to answer some unspoken questions, from a potential contributor's point of view: So what? Who cares? What's in it for me?

Others include: Why LO and not some other project? (There are so many, large and small, not necessarily having anything to do with office productivity.)
What can *I* do, especially if I'm not a hacker?

Some "what's in it for me" items include:

  • gain experience and create work items to show potential employers
  • networking: meet people
  • mentoring: learn from more experienced people OR teach others, pass on skills and knowledge
  • have fun

Include some specific team examples:

Sources of content (rewrite as needed):

Step 2: Write the text according to the points from step 1.

  • proof the text
  • get approval from the marketing team and oversight by Italo/Charles

Step 3: Put text on the official template

  • add icons/graphics where necessary (may need some help from design team)
  • trim/add text where necessary
  • white space is not a bad thing; give the eyes a rest

Step 4: Complete Official/Community Brochure Versions

  • get approval from marketing/design teams as well as oversight from Italo/Charles
  • once approved complete Official A4/USLtr and Community A4/USLtr brochures
  • have marketing/design team do one last verification

Step 5: Complete a .pdf Version for Electronic Posting

  • get approval from marketing/design teams as well as oversight from Italo/Charles
  • once approved complete a .pdf version for electronic postings on websites, for emails etc.
  • the format of the electronic may change depending on the needs, but a generic-ready format should suffice for most needs
  • have marketing/design team do one last verification

Here are the final versions in the community template:

  • Official versions coming soon.

Step 6: Announce on Projects list