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Resources Available for Conferences

This page lists different elements that should/could be considered for completion in preparation for a conference. Consultation with any other appropriate LibreOffice group may be necessary. (Italo: Marketing communiqués; Design team)

Booth Resources

Event/Conference Catalogue Text (samples): Text that could be used on conference website listing/catalogues 

LibreOffice 3-Fold Pamphlet: A4 and Letter formats

LibreOffice Flyer: See Gallery Flyers for flyers created in Draw (and translations)

LibreOffice Business Card (TBA)

LibreOffice Marketing PostCards:  LibreOffice Postcards in different sizes and Examples of LibreOffice postcards for specific events

LibreOffice Stickers (TBA)

  • Example of German stickers  'prepared by the German team for CeBIT2011 in Hannover

LibreOffice Posters

LibreOffice Appeal for Funding Poster (TBA)

LibreOffice Booth Banners: Horizontal and vertical banners used at conferences

Clothing and Promotional Items (SWAG)

LibreOffice T-Shirts: Various size T-Shirts available for sale (not available on LibreOffice Store as of yet) and examples of T-Shirts made for specific events

LibreOffice Promotional Items: Promotional items available at conferences (pens, lanyards, bags ...) and examples of items made for specific events

Computer/Software/Electronics related

Branding Guidelines: Branding material and information to ensure both consistent and fresh appearance; OFFICIAL logos are found on this page

Miscellaneous Logos:

Marketing Material: Official marketing material for both The Document Foundation and LibreOffice

LibreOffice Wallpapers:  LibreOffice wallpapers and LibreOffice wallpapers made for specific events.

LibreOffice Website Banners: Banners for official or external website use or for special projects (i.e. funding drives)

LibreOffice Presentations (.odp):

LibreOffice Videos: (TBA)

LibreOffice DVD

LibreOffice DVD/Jewel Case Cover: no official English DVD ISO disk is available as of yet (TBA)

  • North American DVD project: DVD project including countries: Canada, USA.'
    • This is a sample of the North American Community DVD Label, which is included in the .iso disk download on LibreOffice's DVD download page(s).
    • NADVD-LibO-label--4.1.5-filled.jpg

Miscellaneous Resources

Quick Reference Cards: Tri-fold reference cards for keyboard shortcuts in LibreOffice Applications

Paper AirPlane: Paper airplane with LibreOffice marketing related message(s)
LibreOffice in Print: a copy of some printed LibreOffice manuals could be displayed at the booth/table. Available from Lulu

Calc ScoreSheet Examples: illustrate the use of a LibreOffice Calc file as a personal sports scoresheet

Best Practices

Organizing your own conference


The location needs to be accessible with a wheelchair.


In the vicinity of the conference location, set up signs that guide to the location. Inside the location, set up signs that guide to the conference rooms. Beside the door to each room, attach the time table for the talks scheduled to happen inside.

On the conference website, include instructions on how to arrive at the location using public transportation.


When picking the location, pay attention to the acoustics. Do not choose a location with rooms that make it impossible to follow presentations due to strong reverb. Make sure microphone logistics are solved for audience questions as well.


The seats should be accompanied by tables and preferably integrated power sockets.

Conference package

Every participant should get a printed leaflet of the conference program.

Make sure the conference name badge is either two-sided or equipped with a clip mechanism that keeps the side with name of the participant visible.

Child care

Make preparations to have child care on the conference site, if needed.

Recording of the presentations

Recording conference presentations on video is not trivial. You must practice the workflow on-site from start to finished end product before the conference begins. The ideal situation is that you are able to capture the video signal from the presenter's computer and freely mix it with the presentation recording in the editing phase. Working sound is, again, crucial. Watching presentation videos with poor sound is torture.

Participating in a conference organized by another entity

Booth Layout

  • larger banners hung in different directions, so that they can be seen from anywhere, some of the small banners directed towards the outside
  • can offer some green coloured sweets
  • a "booth emergency pack" should contain: tape (different types), a knife, twine, flipchart pens (different colors), cough drops (very important for events > 1 day)
  • cashbox if items are for sale - make sure you have enough currency for resolving cash purchases
  • donation box

Booth Services

  • offer to copy LibreOffice media onto flash drives to conference attendees
  • depending on conference, show LibreOffice on different platforms. Requirement of multiple computers at the booth
  • computer showing what's new in this version
  • maybe one computer running the build process
  • cards summarizing the project and telling people where to get support locally

Sponshorship and Funding

  • LibreOffice funds
  • Corporate sponsorship (Italo -- LibreOffice marketing guru -- should be kept informed)
  • sales of LibreOffice marketing items
  • donations