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Resources Available for Conferences

This page lists different elements that should/could be considered for completion in preparation for a conference. Consultation with any other appropriate LibreOffice group may be necessary. (Italo: Marketing communiqués; Design team)

Booth Resources

Event/Conference Catalogue Text (samples): Text that could be used on conference website listing/catalogues 

LibreOffice 3-Fold Pamphlet: A4 and Letter formats

LibreOffice Flyer: See Gallery Flyers for flyers created in Draw (and translations)

LibreOffice Business Card (TBA)

LibreOffice Marketing PostCards:  LibreOffice Postcards in different sizes and Examples of LibreOffice postcards for specific events

LibreOffice Stickers (TBA)

  • Example of German stickers  'prepared by the German team for CeBIT2011 in Hannover

LibreOffice Posters

LibreOffice Appeal for Funding Poster (TBA)

LibreOffice Booth Banners: Horizontal and vertical banners used at conferences

Clothing and Promotional Items (SWAG)

LibreOffice T-Shirts: Various size T-Shirts available for sale (not available on LibreOffice Store as of yet) and examples of T-Shirts made for specific events

LibreOffice Promotional Items: Promotional items available at conferences (pens, lanyards, bags ...) and examples of items made for specific events

Computer/Software/Electronics related

Branding Guidelines: Branding material and information to ensure both consistent and fresh appearance; OFFICIAL logos are found on this page

Miscellaneous Logos:

Marketing Material: Official marketing material for both The Document Foundation and LibreOffice

LibreOffice Wallpapers:  LibreOffice wallpapers and LibreOffice wallpapers made for specific events.

LibreOffice Website Banners: Banners for official or external website use or for special projects (i.e. funding drives)

LibreOffice Presentations (.odp):

LibreOffice Videos: (TBA)

LibreOffice DVD

LibreOffice DVD/Jewel Case Cover: no official English DVD ISO disk is available as of yet (TBA)

  • North American DVD project: DVD project including countries: Canada, USA.'
    • This is a sample of the North American Community DVD Label, which is included in the .iso disk download on LibreOffice's DVD download page(s).
    • NADVD-LibO-label--4.1.5-filled.jpg

Miscellaneous Resources

Quick Reference Cards: Tri-fold reference cards for keyboard shortcuts in LibreOffice Applications

Paper AirPlane: Paper airplane with LibreOffice marketing related message(s)
LibreOffice in Print: a copy of some printed LibreOffice manuals could be displayed at the booth/table. Available from Lulu

Calc ScoreSheet Examples: illustrate the use of a LibreOffice Calc file as a personal sports scoresheet

Best Practices

Booth Layout

  • larger banners hung in different directions, so that they can be seen from anywhere, some of the small banners directed towards the outside
  • can offer some green coloured sweets
  • a "booth emergency pack" should contain: tape (different types), a knife, twine, flipchart pens (different colors), cough drops (very important for events > 1 day)
  • cashbox if items are for sale - make sure you have enough currency for resolving cash purchases
  • donation box

Booth Services

  • offer to copy LibreOffice media onto flash drives to conference attendees
  • depending on conference, show LibreOffice on different platforms. Requirement of multiple computers at the booth
  • computer showing what's new in this version
  • maybe one computer running the build process
  • cards summarizing the project and telling people where to get support locally

Sponshorship and Funding

  • LibreOffice funds
  • Corporate sponsorship (Italo -- LibreOffice marketing guru -- should be kept informed)
  • sales of LibreOffice marketing items
  • donations