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LibreOffice On DVD

LibreOffice on DVD is currently being developed by some members/groups of the LibreOffice project. The following are links to discussions and DVD proposals from these members/groups. Note that the LibreOffice on DVD is still a "Work in Progress".

Design Proposals

Americas DVD (currently being developed on the US Marketing Team list)

Marketing/Americas LibreOffice DVD#Americas LibreOffice DVD Project Page

Developed into the LibreOffice North American Community DVD Project

with an ISO file downloadable from LibreOffice's CD/DVD page

A physical disc may be available from the webmaster of the NA-DVD project. from Dave Johnson DVD design propos

LibreOffice Box (German team)

  • Version LibreOffice 3.3 released on January 6/2011

DVD Design by Fabián Rodríguez

  • Fabián's design includes DVD content as well as proposed DVD label

DVD Design by Drew (Proposals for Scale Conference US)

Proposed Disc labels:

DVD Design by Jens Habermann

Suggested logos (work in progress)

List of members interested in DVD distribution