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LibreOffice CD/DVD Distribution

Names of individuals, community or associations offering a copy of the latest version of LibreOfiice on CD/DVD. Shipping and handling may apply. Please consult with the provider either by email or visit these websites for more information. (NOTE: at this point there has been no decision from the Document Foundation Steering Committee as to whether to endorse some of these contacts officially. THEREFORE PLEASE NOTE that the Document Foundation will NOT be held responsible for any problems resulting with the quality or delivery of these materials. These remain the responsibility of the purchaser and the provider. -- Marc Paré, Marketing Team Member)



An Open Source distribution CD similar to OpenDisc. You can edit the description of LibreOffice in the VALO-CD wiki:  

Marc Paré

Canada (TBA on site later)
  Not available yet (TBA)
Brenden Seibel

Central America
Dave Johnson (619) 335-5314
Rockvale, Tennessee USA (TBA)  $4.68(first run)USD per disk + $1.50 donation to the TDF +shipping. Includes case and 2 panel insert + Full color on disc printing.

Dhiren Jani
Vadodara, Gujarat

dhirenjani at hotmail
 About Rs.120 per disk (~USD 2.7)
Lyle Cochran
Coshocton, Ohio
U.S. (TBA) or
 (TBA) 5.00 USD + TDF contribution. Web page subject to change.







  • TBA = To Be Announced


Some suggestions on how to burn, label, package and mail 1 disc:

  • use labels from and they have templates for OOo/LibO
  • use 6.5 by 9.5 inch clasp envelopes
  • use slim style cases
  • keep 2-3 ready to mail
  • if purchaser lives locally, they may pick up or personal delivery may be possible


  • "CD or DVD may not be the best for some countries where heat and humidity are very high, their life is very short (sometimes less than 3 months from my own experience). In Benin or Burkina Faso for example, USB sticks are far better than CD. " -- Sophie
  • check Framasoft -- Framakey for USB-style delivery as another possible mode of delivery
  • discussion thread may be found here:
  • some suggestions that one could find some sponsors to advertise on the mailing envelopes to help defray the costs of S/H (Ben Horst)
  • DVD label and content proposals