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Artwork proposals for logo, mascot, mime icons, CMS, etc.

Please see the Branding Ideas page, where there are broader branding proposals from various people.

Please see the Mimetype Icon Proposals page, where there are mime-type icon proposals from various people.

Please see the Open Badge Proposals page, where there are proposals for open badges.

Refined LibreOffice branding colors

Moved to Branding (this section will be kept for a few days for better traceability of the content, because this link has been sent via mails).

Presentation on The Document Foundation and LibreOffice

What have been the first questions on The Document Foundation and LibreOffice that came to your mind or you are still interested in? So if there would be some talk (10 ... 60 minutes) about The Document Foundation and LibreOffice - what topics should be covered (the "must have")? Please add your questions!

The resulting topic list will be the basis for a collection of questions that will be addressed in the upcoming marketing material. Thus, please add "who" you are (user, developer, community member of another FLOSS community, ...) and maybe "why" you ask (pure interest, business reasons., ...). That helps us a lot to cluster the questions afterwards. Thanks!!!

  • Question 1: What are the present differences between LibO 3.3 and OOo?
  • Question 2: I am a new user (or I am switching). Any learning guide available?
  • Question 3: What compatibility problems could I expect by switching from the major commercial Office suite to LibreOffice?
  • Question 4: Can I edit photos and simple video in LibO like I can in M$ Office 2010?
  • Question 5: New UI?
  • Question 6: When can we expect an Enterprise version?
  • Question 7: (When can we expect) Integration of a iCal like app into LibO.
  • Question 8: When can we have a LibreOffice YouTube page?
  • Question 9: <----- continue here ;-)

LibreOffice initial presentation template (DRAFT)

The Presentation Template is in development ... and you can help by checking for issues, proposing improvements, providing insight in what's missing! So go for a test ride and report issues to either the LibreOffice marketing mailing list, or by adding it here. Thanks!!!

File:LibreOffice Initial Presentation Template.odp

To do

  • Christoph: Several master pages still missing (advertisment style, different font sizes)
  • Christoph: Master Pages for Notes not created yet
  • Christoph: Transparency gradient for the green separator lines missing
  • Christoph: Harmonize visual design with ideas by Ivan


Add issues descriptions here (with some information, otherwise it may not be reproducible):

  • Christoph: Issues with Font “Vegur” --> rendering bug maybe even caused by hardware acceleration (if turned off, people reported that it works)
  • Drew: Visual problems when exporting to other formats ... (ODP, PDF, SWF) --> Christoph: Problem with cropped images (exported to PDF) and PNGs with transparency (SWF)


Develop a "LibO" mascot

Some people think the current logo lacks identity a personal touch. It could be advantageous to develop a "living" mascot/ambassador along the lines of Tux, the Linux mascotWikipedia logo v3.svg. Such a character could be declined/derived for multiple uses and needs, and could quickly acquire a life of its own - something that can be used in graphics and animations.

  • Christoph Noack proposed a mascot like Duke, the Java mascotWikipedia logo v3.svg based on the current document symbol. But, it should be turned into a cool, thrilling and funny thing (the triangles being the hat, the eyebrows, ...).
  • Lucas Filho has developed a paper plane concept ( that is one proposal. One example of the many possibilities: to go along with the paper plane icon, we could create various folding templates for different paper plane designs, put a LibO icon on them in prominent places, and distribute them digitally as ODGs and PDFs. A quick bit of research has been done to investigate current adoption of a paper plane as a logo by other companies/organizations. 

Comment: +1 - the image I (Matt Sturgeon <>) commented on realy represents a fusion between the end-user and high grade technology. Mentioned image -mttza1

  • Jens Habermann has proposed "Septipus", an octopus-like creature that could be worked into the LibreOffice QuickStarter window, with a tentacle pointing to each app and link in the QuickStarter.

However, the door is still open for other ideas. David Nelson is contacting other artists, to try and draw them into the project (responses received from Ubuntu, and from Debian). Outside artistic talent with a different viewpoint could maybe give us something with enormous long-term marketing potential?

Obviously, TDF needs to get all necessary source files and rights with contributed material, to enable it to subsequently develop/conserve that material itself. Ideally, contributors should be willing for ongoing, long-term involvement in the project, or willing to undertake intermittent development/maintenance assignments.

LibreOffice Video Clip Collection

We could select the best video clips produced by the community and publish them area of TDF web or wiki. These video should focus on TDF products as well as community activities/events.

  • Make sure there is a clear (preferrably open, free) license indicating how such videos can be used, shared, remixed, etc. CC-BY-SA could be an option.
  • Upload the videos to in addition to any other social web site (such as the LIbreOffice Vols channel on YouTube). makes deriving to free, open formats specially easy and provides a good interface to them, while letting viewers share and download videos for offline use. 

LibreOffice Magazine

There should be an electronic "LibreOffice Magazine" in the English language, issued every two (or three) months, and produced using LibreOffice.

There is already such an electronic magazine in the Brazilian Portuguese language by the Brazilian LibreOffice team.

The magazine, called LibreOffice Revista, is at the 20th issue. Each issue has about 48 pages, with high quality formatting and content.

I describe here the minimal requirements for a first issue of a LibreOffice Magazine.

  • We can focus for an initial 32-page electronic magazine.
  • We can focus to deliver issues every two months (6 issues per year).
  • We can reuse the templates.
  • There is description of how the LibreOffice Revista is created. It's in Portuguese, but easily readable.
  • We need to put a Call for Articles for contributions. The first issue could focus on what is LibreOffice, how it can help us, and how do we contribute (which lists to get to, find local teams, etc). I believe it would be OK to translate to English material from the LibreOffice Revista.
  • At the moment it is up to each localisation team to translate the magazine in their own language. They are encouraged to translate. In the future we will try to develop a way to translate using translation tools.
  • The deliverables would be 1) the issue in PDF format, 2) a ZIP file will all source material in the ODF format (ODT, ODG, etc), 3) make the magazine available online on one of those PDF hosting websites.

Wish List

by Paulo de Souza Lima

  • A magazine will require a journalist or someone with that expertise to coordinate production. This person should be fully able to communicate in English language.
  • Recruit some commited members to join the core of publishing board.
  • This core should define standard sections, production process and resources needed.
  • The defined process should include ways to collect relevant information and how to select what will be or not in a given issue.
  • The process should include ways to collect information from the most local communities and hire the most relevant to be in a given issue.
  • All information collected should be stored in a "repository", from where the core team can choose what will be published.
  • Interviews, articles, reports, news, tips & tricks should be welcome from every local community.
  • Adds can generate incomes for marketing team.

A possible creation of a LibreOffice Magazine is being discussed at the LibreOffice marketing list. -simmacOS

Version Numbers

High version numbers and a fast version number release cycle become more and more popular for good reasons:

1. "Major Releases" gain a lot of attention. Websites, magazines, blogs etc. are more likely to write about a new "major" release, than a small .2.2.21 bugfix-release.

2. High version numbers and early software releases are attractive to early adopers and the "always-beta" user type.

3. The average consumer trusts numbers: low product-involved consumers would prefer LibreOffice 4 over OpenOffice 3.3, because their experience is "the bigger the number, the newer the product, the better..."

4. More to come...

LibreOffice should not exaggerate this like Mozilla, but it should move from 3.4 to 4. to distinguish from OpenOffice and to give journalists something to write about.

International Marketing of LibreOffice

Not being sure where to start I first posted the following on my Talk Page:

Roswell, Georgia USA

14:45 (UTC -05) Saturday 12 November 2011

Hello Everyone:

I am not sure where to place this commentary and have decided that this will be the starting place.

With many companies they will include advertising in e-mails or SMS that are sent without specific user consent. Examples of this are, "Sent using X, Y, or Z hardware", or something similar.

With each e-mail that includes a PDF authored by myself, which is the way I prefer to write, I include the following test in the last section of the e-mail after the closing and the legal notifications.


The attached PDF file was created and exported using LibreOffice, a Free Open Source office suite that is the product of an international collaboration for the Digital Commons and that of Open Source . It is available for Linux, Mac, Windows and other operating systems at:

in different languages.

The result of these efforts is such that the quality and dedication is beyond what any salaried employee of any major corporation could ever be monetarily motivated to deliver. The Digital Commons and that of Open Source Software, forms the foundation for true unrestricted creativity and value-adds, artistically, economically, and intellectually. The Digital Commons and that of Open Source Software, does not hold progress and innovation captive to the legal force of restrictive licensing agreements. This is about unrestricted Liberty, the future, longevity, and the highest possible evolution of true achievements.


The purpose of this to bring attention to the fact there is a real alternative to the normal commercial status quo.

What I would like is to see everyone who uses LibreOffice consider doing the same.

Please feel free to use and modify this as you see fit.

All the Best,


References for LibreOffice

As I could not find a place where Organisations are listed, that use LibreOffice, I suggest to start a list here:

Public Sector

further listings:



State level/Ministries

Private Sector