LibreOffice Reference Cards

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    LibreOffice Desktop Reference Cards


    Some users (new or seasoned) may have a need for a quick recall card for a particular area of LibreOffice menu items. New users may need a cursory overview of menu items, while seasoned users may have a need for more specialed set of menu items in a particular branch of LibreOffice. This need could be satisfied by a reference guide. A triangular prism reference card (similar to the "Toblerone chocoloate container") could be printed on card stock, folded and positioned in front of the keyboard or any other location strategic to the user.


    Discussions may be found on the documentation [1] and marketing lists [2].


    Use a reference guide published by the Documentation team as a basis for the menu items. Construct different permutations of the reference card destined for different user usage. For example, a reference card for these following user "types" could be elaborated:

    • Writer
    • Calc
    • Impress
    • Draw
    • Base
    • Math
    • user focussed on design setup
    • user focussed on business setup
    • user focussed on educational setup
    • etc.

    Finished quick reference cards

    These are available from the Documentation Publications page.