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So you want to join the LibreOffice Marketing Team? Great! We really appreciate any help - even if it's just half an hour every week. Here are the first steps you should take...

Sign up to the mailing list

Most discussions about marketing and promotion of LibreOffice take place on the marketing mailing list. Just send a blank email to and follow the instructions to register.

From there onwards, you will receive messages whenever anyone posts on the list. Note: when replying to a mailing list message, make sure you use the 'reply to all' feature in your email client - otherwise you may end up only responding to the original sender, and your response won't make it to the list.

Introduce yourself

Send a message to with a few bits of information:

  • Who you are
  • Where you're based (and which languages you speak)
  • What areas you'd like to work on (eg presentations, artwork, videos)

We appreciate help in any area, but we're especially on the look-out for marketing assistance in non-English-speaking territories. Ideally, for each new version of LibreOffice we will have press releases in many languages.

Spread the word

An important aspect of marketing LibreOffice is simply spreading awareness of the software. You can do this on a personal level (eg via your blog or social media), but also by encouraging others to try the suite. For instance, if you read a computer magazine or follow a tech-oriented blog that has never covered LibreOffice, you could get in touch with them, explain what LibreOffice is, provide some links and suggest they take a look.

This is especially helpful in many non-English-speaking territories where the LibreOffice Marketing team may not be especially active right now. And if you're unsure about talking to the press or have any questions, just ask on the mailing list - we're always there to help!

Contribute back

There are many other ways to get involved in LibreOffice marketing:

Have fun!

Above all, contributing to a free software project like LibreOffice in your spare time should be fun! You'll get to meet new people, brainstorm ideas, and maybe even take part in our events around the world.

Check out our main Marketing page for more information, and once again: thanks for your help!