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LibreOffice Annual Conference
(Location TBD) 2018

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Dates Dates TBD
  TBD - Community meetings
  TBD - Conference
Location TBD

The 2018 LibreOffice Annual Conference will be held in (Location TBD).


  • Call for Location -- is not yet open
  • Announcement of the venue for 2018 is slated to take place at the 2017 Conference.


[If the naming convention holds, the Program will be available at:


Basic overview:

(to fill in -- see Events/2017/LibreOffice_Annual_Conference#Program last year)

September... Activities
0th (Monday) Committee Meetings
  • x
  • y
  • z
01th (Wednesday) xyz
02th (Thursday)
03th (Friday)


  • Map of accommodations: (to add)
  • Map of the conference venue: (to add)
  • Map of the local area: (to add)

Mailing List

We recommend that all prospective attendees subscribe to to the mailing list, which is especially dedicated to the attendees of the LibreOffice Annual Conference. All important announcements will be posted there. You also can get in touch with other attendees via this mailing list.

You will find information on how to subscribe to the mailing list here:

Information from the TDF Blog


Location Poll


Media Used For Presentations at the Conference


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