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Would it be good for TDF Members to have a badge they can display on their home pages? And could there be some other badges to display the contributions and so the meritocraty? As it is a strategy to give all contributors an appreciation such badges could be part of it.

The badges can be used on


Analysis Call for Proposals Shaping Tentative Design Blueprint Implemented


In Scope Out of Scope
  • discussion about using and awarding



  • Collecting proposals: 14th June 2013
  • Voting for proposals on ml: 28th June 2013


Proposal by User:k-j


Example for

Credit badges members all proposal k-j.png Credit badges design all proposal k-j.png Credit badges developer all proposal k-j.png Credit badges l10n all proposal k-j.png Credit badges docu all proposal k-j.png Credit badges QA all proposal k-j.png Credit badges web all proposal k-j.png Credit badges projects all proposal k-j.png Credit badges libOx all proposal k-j.png Credit badges marketing all proposal k-j.png
Members badge Design badge Developer badge Language (l10n) badge Documentation badge QA badge Website badge Projects badge LibOx badge Marketing badge

And with text:

Badge cm 01.png|Badge design 01.png|Badge cD 01.png

Using valuation:

Badges design value 01.png

Getting the svg with green labels:

Badge green.svg

Certified Developers

Badge for

Badge cD green01.png Badge cD olive01.png
1st proposal with green colour 1st proposal with 4.0-olive colour


First proposal based on Nik's proposal 4,5

The valuation (gold, silver, bronze) should be done by some defined criteria for every project, based on strengthness and duration of contributions. "Quality" shouldn't be a criteria, because most of quality isn't valuable. Maybe the badges will be awarded by the MC. But this is not part of this Whiteboard.

Levels could create a bit of a chasm between contributors. Project-internally it might be a good/useful metric, especially for developers/deciders looking to see who to trust from us more, who to maybe be a bit more careful about. Obviously, it is not completely objective ... but that should be not a huge problem. We could maybe rename the categories to roughly One-Time/Sustained/ Current Activity. (Thanks to Stefan for this points to think of).


Wiki contributions:
up to 20 -> green
up to 100 -> bronze
up to 1000 -> silver
above 1000 -> gold

Proposal by NN



Adding proposals

Each designer should be able to add his proposal under the "Proposals" category.