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Design a way to import particular styles from a document into the current document.


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In Scope Out of Scope
  • Copying Styles from OpenDocument Files
  • Copying Styles from Templates

Relevant Bugs

Situation that partly changed with LibreOffice 4.0.0

Loading styles one per one between random files

  • menu File > Template > Organize
  • This function is no longer available in 4.0.0

Cornouws (talk) 2013-05-19T23:21:29 (UTC)

Loading styles in bulk in the active document/template

  • window Styles and Formatting ... dropdown > Load style
  • This function still exists in 4.0.0, but only in Writer.
  • For Calc it would be useful too.
  • For Impress it would not make sense, since importing of master pages (and thus styles) is done via another route.

Cornouws (talk) 2013-05-19T23:21:29 (UTC)


Proposal by Mirek2



Have "Import Styles from Template" and "Import Styles from File" entries in the menu in the Styles and Formatting dialog. "Import Styles from Template" would launch a tweaked Template manager without a toolbar and with "Cancel" and "Load" buttons at the bottom right. "Import Styles from File" would launch the Open dialog. After selecting the file or template, the user would select which styles to import using a new style selection dialog.

Aditional ideas / notes: 
# I think there is also need for a 'All' checkbox, to select all styles
# to allow the user to load styles from more than one category, there is need for a separate Close button, 
 and then the Import styles button should not close the window
# Compared with the pre-4.0 situation, this would again allow for style per style import, but additionally
 it will require that the target file is opened, which - I think - is not a big problem.

Cornouws (talk) 2013-05-19T23:27:14 (UTC)


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