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This page was created to collect possible designs for T-shirt for FOSDEM 2015. It should be a generally usable design, not specific to FOSDEM.

The design should use 1, maximally 2 colors (the price increases with every color). Dithering is possible, but not encouraged. The design should be a vector graphics (svg preferred).

The submissions must be under a license that will allow TDF to print the T-shirts :-)

Please either upload your submissions here, or send them to The author of the T-shirt design that will be used will get this T-shirt!

Deadline 2015: 19th January.

Designs 2016

Author name + contact email File with the design.
Bob Example
David Berti
Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn

Design proposals

Author name + contact email File with the design.
Andrew Ulrich

Designs from the previous years

File with the design.
LibreOffice taglineFreeFunFantastic.svg