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Allow users to import styles into their current document from an existing template or other document. (This feature used to exist in versions prior to LibreOffice 4.0, but was lost because of the new template manager.)


Analysis Call for Proposals Shaping Tentative Design Blueprint Implemented


In Scope Out of Scope
  • Allow users to select any desired styles to import
  • Allow users to easily import all styles from another file
  • Allow users to import styles by category
  • Allow users to select files from either the file system and from known templates
  • ...





Proposal by Astron

  • While the old selection dialog for importing styles opened from File ▸ Templates ▸ Manage Templates, this new proposal opens from the Styles and Formatting panel (née Stylist) exclusively.
  • The old selection dialog allowed for importing from and into more than one file at once, this proposal does not allow that
  • The old dialog relied heavily on double-clicking entries that did not look like they could expand ... this proposal tries to avoid that
  • (2) is (deliberately) missing from the mockup, I did not want to illustrate (2a) the Open File dialog, or (2b) the new Template Manager dialogue
  • Hopefully, the mockup explains most other ideas itself

Relevant Art

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Controversial Topics

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