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This is a list to collect the items for our new work items' page. The discussion started on our our mailing list.

  • Extension website
  • Template website
  • Web page design
  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Cooperation with other FLOSS projects
  • Website Buttons
  • Marketing Material
  • Mascot
  • Refine Branding Roadmap
  • Convincing Product Artwork
  • Provide Design Documentation
  • Provide UX Workflows to Website Team
  • Starter pack: Simple way to explain new

contributors what they can do

  • Nationalized Wiki page design (with menus etc.)

Please have a look at our current Work Items and on our Whiteboards.

Get it in this lists:

Active and On Hold items

Priority ID no. Task name Description and link Items required Deadline Status Client (Rep) Assigned to


0001 Website Buttons Buttons required to allow supporters to link back to LibO. Email
  • Buttons of size 80x30 pixels
  • Buttons of size 150x50 pixels
  • Email signatures of size 200x15 pixels
2011-11-30 In proposal Marketing




0002 Conference posters Poster required for conference lectern. Printer website
  • Image of size 3000x7000 pixels at 300dpi
2011-12-12 In progress SC




0003 Mascot Creation of a Mascot to represent LibO. Blog post
  • One front-on sketch
  • One side-on sketch
  • One back sketch
2011-09-15 On hold FOSS world




Colour coding is disabled on archived items

Priority ID no. Task name Description and link Items delivered Date completed Client (Rep) Assigned to


0000 Kick-off Establish Design Team. Email
  • Members wiki page
2011-01-01 Design team

(Bernhard, Christoph)

Bernhard, Christoph

Rejected items

Rejected items and reason:


Priorities: 1(URGENT), 2(very important), 3(important), 4(priority), 5(preferred), 6(normal), 7(when able), 8(relaxed), 9(low), 10(inconsequential),.

Status: Being finalised, Being voted, Awaiting feedback, In progress, On hold, In proposal, Postponed, Abandoned.

ON-HOLD items;
Colour coding is disabled on on-hold items


  • Is it useful to seperate the work items' table between VI, UX and others? Answer:
  • Who determine the priorities and the status? Answer: Mostly our leads
  • What will happen, if someone tells that he wants to work on a "ON-HOLD" item, but the list of active items is 'full' and the others don't think it is extremly neceassary to work on it? Answer: Go on, do it.