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Here is where we try to keep track of who has contributed to the project, and a list of their public license statements, so we can manage provenance of the code and more simply migrate to an MPLv2/LGPLv3+ license.

Changes to this page are watched carefully - and are related to audit tooling - please do not radically alter, re-structure, or change this page unless you know what you're doing

N.B. The statements below are blanket statements covering all contributions, unless otherwise noted.

Example Statement

Example Code Contributor Statement

A nice minimal statement in an E-mail for a code developer looks like this:

   All of my past & future contributions to LibreOffice may be
   licensed under the MPLv2/LGPLv3+ dual license.

Slight variation to suit your personal taste is fine as long as the intention is clear.

Example Artist Statement

For some forms of art-work, such as clipart and templates - we routinely get queries from document authors as to licensing, inclusion in books etc. To provide the simplest and widest possible usage of clipart, templates etc. we encourage the use of the CC0 license, so a statement of this form:

   To the extent possible under law, I waive all copyright and related or neighboring
   rights to my past & future contributions to LibreOffice:

Where do I send the Statement?

It's best to send your statement to a public, archived list. We suggest the developers' list (no subscription required):


If you can, it's great to use Subject: <your name> license statement - that helps search the archive nicely.


Many are sorted by last name, first name under letter by letter. Many are sorted under first name before last, under word by word.


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Aafløy, Kenneth Individual [1]
Abanumay, Norah A. KACST [2]
Abdillah, Hernawan Fa'iz Individual [3]
Abdelkebir, Hamza Individual [4]
tabe Abe, Takeshi Individual [5]
jad Adams, Jonathan Individual [6]
Adriaensen, Pieter Individual [7]
Akkurt, Barış Individual [8]
Abdulmajeed Al-Abdulrazzaq, Abdulmajeed Motah Program, KACST [9]
Al-Arifi, Abdulelah Saad Motah Program, KACST [10]
Al-Saidi, Fahad Individual [11]
Al-Sakka, Ghasan Individual [12]
Alayed, Abdulaziz Ayed Khalid Motah Program, KACST [13]
Alessandri, Santiago pending moderation
Ahmad Al-Harthi, Ahmad Hussein ahmd Motah Program, KACST [14]
Alhassoun, Manal M. Individual [15]
Al-Hinai, Sheikha Individual [16]
Altin, Nurhak Individual [17]
Akalın, Burçin Individual [18]
Issa Alkurtass, Issa issa Motah Program, KACST [19]
Allmann-Rahn, Florian Individual [20]
Alonso, Laurent Individual [21]
Faisal Al-Otaibi, Faisal M. Motah Program, KACST [22]
Alt, Xavier Individual [23]
alvarezp Alvarez, Octavio alvarezp/oalvarez Individual [24]
Andreev, Aleksandr Individual [25]
Anisimov, Alexander O. Individual [26]
Anjaria, Janit Computer1 Individual [27]
Aquilina, Jonathan Individual [28]
jaragunde Aragunde Pérez, Jacobo jacobo Igalia [29]
Arnhold, Thomas Individual [30]
Aryal, Supreme Individual [31]
Assefa, Tadele Individual [32]
Ateş, Enes Individual [33]
Awashiro, Ikuya Individual [34]
Ayers, Jordan Individual [35]
Azeem, Mohammed Abdul Individual [36]
sedat Ak, Sedat sedat Individual [37]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Babati, Bence Individual [38]
Bailey, Dwayne Individual [39]
Acbaird Baird, Alan C. Screenwright(R)
Bar-Nissan, Gal Individual [40]
Bjoern Balazs, Bjoern bbalazs User Prompt GmbH
jumbo444 Balland-Poirier, Laurent jumbo444 Individual [41]
Banerjee, Ashish [42]
dbank Bankston, Daniel dbank Individual [43]
Barberi, Paul Individual [44]
Bartek, András barteka13 Individual [45]
Basabhat, Akash Prasanna Individual [46]
xapantu Baudin, Lucas xapantu Individual [47]
Baudin, Roland Individual [48]
Bauer, Michael Individual [49]
Baumgarten, Peter Individual [50]
chouquette Beauzée-Luyssen, Hugo chouquette Individual [51]
Bayreuther, Martin Individual [52]
mbechler Bechler, Moritz Individual [53]
Behrens, Katarína bubli CIB [54]
thb Behrens, Thorsten thorsten CIB [55]
Behrens, Linus Individual [56] [57]
Bende, Tushar Synerzip [58]
Benes, Luke Individual [59]
dali123 BEN MANSOUR, Mohamed-Ali dali Individual [60]
Bergmann, Alexander Individual [61]
sb Bergmann, Stephan,, sberg Red Hat, Inc. [62], [63]
bernarpa Bernardi, Paolo bernarpa Individual [64]
Marc Bessières, Marc Individual [65]
darcy Beurle, Darcy Individual [66]
kbhat Bhat, Kishor kbhat Individual [67]
RBd Bielefeld, Rainer Rainer_Bielefeld Individual [68]
Billel, Nazir Individual [69]
Billett, Iain Individual [70]
gbilotta Bilotta, Giuseppe tango_ Individual [71]
Bircher, Florian Individual [72]
Biru, Ionut Individual [73]
marcobiscaro2112 Biscaro, Marco Individual [74]
Bischoff, Eric Individual [75]
Blandford, Jonathan Red Hat, Inc. [76]
Blecha, Jiří Individual [77]
Meo Bogliolo, Meo XeniaLAB srl
Shortblack Boldiston, Kyle Individual
db3l Bolen, David Individual [78]
Bordelon, Phil Individual [79]
Cbosdo Bosdonnat, Cédric cbosdonnat SUSE [80]
sbosio Bosio, Santiago sbosio Individual [81]
Botto, Ricardo Individual [82]
Bonnet, William Individual [83]
yzsolt Bölöny, Zsolt yzsolt Individual [84]
Brahmbhatt, Vishv Individual [85]
Branch, Andrew Individual [86]
Brevoort, Benitius Individual [87]
brinzing Brinzing, Oliver Individual [88]
egore911 Brill, Christoph Individual [89]
Brown, Jeremy Individual [90]
Brown, Joseph Individual [91]
jhbruhn Bruhn, Jan-Henrik, jhbruhn Individual [92]
Budea, Áron Individual [93]
rbuj Buj Gelonch, Robert Antoni Individual [94]
gbulfon Bulfon, Gabriele Sonicle srl [95]
JBurant Burant, Jiri Individual [96]
Butler, Steven Individual [97]
gbpacheco Buzzatti Pacheco, Gustavo gbpacheco Individual [98]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
JamesC C., James Individual [99]
Cabral, Rafael Mandriva [100]
Callen, Jonathan Individual [101]
matteo.campanelli Campanelli, Matteo matteocam Individual [102]
Campbell, Robert M Individual [103]
Cantrell, Samuel Individual [104]
Carl, Jens Individual [105]
Eskroni Carrera, Sigrid eskroni Individual
PrinceManfred Carter, Travis PrinceManfred Individual [106]
m.casalin Casalin, Matteo Individual [107]
Beppec56 Castagno, Giuseppe beppec56 Individual [108]
Castro, Henry Individual [109]
Caster Castermans, Luc castermn Individual [110]
LeMoyne Castle, John LeMoyne lemoyne Individual [111]
Cecchetti, Marco Individual [112]
Cecchi, Cosimo cosimoc Red Hat, Inc. [113]
jchaffraix Chaffraix, Julien jchaffraix Individual [114]
Chambe, Damien Individual [115]
Charrière, Laurent Individual [116]
Chasák, Ota Individual [117]
alexey.chemichev Chemichev, Alexey axula Individual [118]
Chen, Austin Individual [119]
Chestnykh, Dmitry Individual [120]
Choo, Foo Lai choofoolai@gmail Individual [121]
Nicolas Christener, Nicolas,,, nicu Individual [122]
Choyal, Sailesh Individual [123]
Epix Christian, Erich epix Individual
Mfldelton Chung, Elton MfldElton LayerJet Solutions [124]
scarabeus Chvátal, Tomáš scarabeus SUSE [125]
Ciorba, Edmond Individual [126]
Clio Individual [127]
Codinachs, Gil Forcada Individual [128]
Cœur Cœur, Antoine Individual [129]
Cogliati, Josh Individual [130]
Collerton, Thomas Individual [131]
Copits, Christopher Individual [132]
Corneanu, Dan Individual [133]
ccornell Cornell, Clayton smaug42 Individual [134]
Correa Casablanca, Andreu Individual [135]
Jcorrius Corrius, Jesús jcorrius TDF [136]
Ćosić, Neven Individual [137]
Crhonek, Zdeněk Individual [138]
Csikós, Tamás Individual [139]
Cumming, Murray Openismus GmbH [140]
Curtis, Keith Individual [141]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
D., Mathieu Individual [142]
Danner, Simon Individual [143]
Darak, Maxim Individual [144]
Dargaud, Robert Individual [145]
Darshit, Patel Individual [146]
de Almeida, Douglas Rodrigues Individual MPL1.1+ / GPLv3+ / LGPLv3+
de Bruijn, Arne Individual [147]
JorenDC De Cuyper, Joren jorendc Individual [148]
de Oliveira, Junior Cesar Individual [149]
de Roucy, Maxime Linagora [150]
Paulo de Souza Lima, Paulo stellarium Individual
Dean, Ed Individual [151] - only past
Deep, Akshay Individual [152]
Deller, Luke Individual [153]
Delma, David Individual [154]
Demirkapi, Erdem Individual [155]
Dent, Andrew Individual [156]
Desai, Karan Individual [157]
yogeshdesai Desai, Yogesh yogeshdesai Individual [158]
Rohit deshmukh11 Deshmukh, Rohit rdsyn Individual [159]
Deshmukh, Sameer Individual [160]
Deshpande, Akash Individual [161]
Dézsi, Szabolcs szabolcs Individual [162]
Varun.dhall Dhall, Varun varundhall Individual [163]
Dhingra, Gaurav Individual [164]
ddimarco Di Marco, Daniel Individual [165]
Diedler, Henning Individual [166]
Bedipp Dippold, Bernhard bedipp Individual
Dixon, Luke Individual [167]
Djordjevic, Maja Individual [168]
Dockes, Jean-François Individual [169]
mdolezel Doležel, Marek mdolezel Individual [170]
Dolives, Benoit Individual [171]
npcdoom Dominguez, Rafael npcdoom Individual [172]
Winfried Donkers, Winfried winfried Individual [173]
Dorda, Artur Individual [174]
ploum Dricot, Lionel ploum Lanedo [175] [176]
Drung, Benjamin Individual [177]
ming Dryomov, Artur ming13 Individual [178]
Du, Alan Individual [179]
Duan, Xiaoli Individual [180]
Duc, Tung Ta Individual [181]
Dumas, Arnold Individual [182]
Dunphy, Michael Individual [183]
Mdupont DuPont, James Michael Individual [184]
Dušek, Boris Individual [185]
Dykierek, Mariusz Individual [186]
kalikiana Dywan, Christian kalikiana Lanedo [187]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Eekhoorn, Joost Individual [188]
floeff Effenberger, Florian floeff TDF [189]
Egorov, Boris Individual [190]
Eldan Eldan Eldan Individual [191]
Spacebat Ellis, Damien Spcebt Individual
Engelhard, Rene Individual [192]
Terrence Enger Enger, Terrence TerrenceEnger Individual [193]
Eraslan, Gökçen Individual [194]
eymux2009 Ertsey, Andor Landeshauptstadt München
ozcanesen Esen, Özcan ozcanesen Individual [195]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Faile, Ron Individual [196]
Farago, Janos Individual [197]
Farbotka, Sergey Individual [198]
Fässler, Urs Individual [199]
Faulí Tarazona, Xisco x1sc0 Individual [200]
Faure, Jean-Baptiste Individual [201]
Fernandes, Horácio Individual [202]
Fernandez, Javier lajava Igalia [203]
Fernández, Miguel Individual [204]
Ferreira, Alberto Individual [205]
Ferreira, Renato Individual [206]
Filippov, Valek Individual [207]
Fiori, Massimiliano Individual [208]
Aurimas Fišeras, Aurimas Individual [209]
Flex, Liu Individual [210]
pefoley2 Foley, Peter Individual [211]
Fong, Alex Individual [212]
Vsfoote Foote, V Stuart vsfoote Individual [213]
Fortin Tam, Jean-François Individual [214]
Foskey, Ken kfoskey@tpg Individual [215]
Fournier, Alexandre Individual [216]
Francis, Deena P. Libre Data Consultancy Services (P) Ltd [217]
Francis, Dennis P. dennisfrancis Libre Data Consultancy Services (P) Ltd [218]
mjayfrancis Francis, Matthew mjayfrancis Individual [219]
Fraser, Brian Individual [220]
Fraser, David Individual [221]
Papamatti Freund, Matthias Papamatti Individual [222]
Fukanchik Fukanchik, Sergey Individual [223]
Juergenf Funk, Juergen juergenf CIB [224]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Fgallaire Gallaire, Florent fgallaire@gmail Individual [225]
Gajdos, Petr Individual [226]
Ganorkar, Pranav pranvg189@gmail Individual [227]
Jessie Gao, Qiwen gqwgqw0916@gmail Individual [228]
Garcia, Marc Individual [229]
García Linde, Laure Individual [230]
Garg, Lovekesh Individual [231]
Garretsen, Evertjan Individual [232]
wget Gathoye, William wget Individual [233], progress template: [234]
sophi Gautier, Sophie sophi Individual [235]
Gay, Matthieu CapGemini [236]
Andrea_Gelmini Gelmini, Andrea Individual [237]
Georgaras, Spiros Individual [238]
Gergely, Máté Individual [239]
Gerlowski, Jason Individual [240]
Ghosh, Susobhan susobhang70 Individual [241]
Ghosh, Soumyadip Individual [242]
igilham Gilham, Ian ian.gilham@gmail Individual [243]
jmux Glogowski, Jan-Marek jmux Landeshauptstadt München [244]
Glus, Daniel danielhglus@gmail Individual [245]
lgodard Godard, Laurent (current), (old) lgodard Individual [246]
Gokul Gokul, S gokuls CDAC [247]
Gomes, Rodolfo Ribeiro Individual [248]
Tanty Gomez, Andres tanty [249]
Gomez, Miguel magomez [250]
tagezi Goncharuk, Lera tagezi Individual [251]
Back69 Gonzalez, Daniel DaniGO83 Individual
Goss, Kate Individual [252]
Governatore, Fernando Individual [253]
Le Grand, Armin alg CIB [254]
grandinj Grandin, Noel, Individual [255] [256]
Gulyás, Alex Individual [257]
Guo, Steven Individual [258]
Gupta, Heena, heena2310 Ericsson [259]
Gupta, Mayank Individual [260]
Gupta, Mridul Individual [261]
r4chi7 Gupta, Rachit r4chi7 Individual [262]
Güreken, Berk bureken [263]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Thackert Hackert, Thomas thackert Individual
MHaggag Haggag, Muhammad MHaggag Individual LGPLv3+ and MPL 1.1
Hallaç, Kerem [264]
ohallot Hallot, Olivier ohallot EDX [265]
Halls, Chris haggai Individual [266]
Hamidi, Massinissa Individual [267]
Haratický, Pavel Individual [268]
Hart, Phil Individual [269]
Hart, Steven Individual [270]
Hasselmann, Mathias Individual [271]
Hauf, Johannes Individual [272]
Hausmann, Kevin Individual [273]
Havlíček, Jan Individual [274]
NigelH Hawkins, Nigel Individual [275]
Hedges, Robert MultiCoreWare [276]
Hegedus, Attila hege Individual [277]
TheJosh Heidenreich, Josh TheJosh Individual [278]
Heinemann, Stefan Individual [279]
Heller, Christian Individual [280]
Hemmerling, Rolf Individual [281]
Regina Henschel, Regina Individual [282]
Alex Henrie Henrie, Alex alexhenrie Individual MPLv2+/LGPLv3+
dherde Herde, Daniel Individual [283]
gregghz Hernandez, Gregg gregghz Individual [284]
jhertel Hertel, Jesper Individual MPLv2/LGPLv3+
rhogez Herzog, Christoph Individual [285]
At.higginson Higginson, Andrew and471 Individual [286]
Hirahara, Suguru Individual [287]
Hlavaty Hlavaty, Tomas, [288]
Hobley, David Individual [289]
Juliohm Hoffimann Mendes, Júlio juliohm Individual [290]
Hofmann, Matthias (Borim) Individual [291]
Holder, Andy Individual [292]
Kendy Holešovský, Jan kendy SUSE [293]
Hoppe, Chris Individual [294]
strepon Horáček, Stanislav Individual [295]
Horák, Michal Individual [296]
Horn, Michael Individual [297]
Hosken, Martin Individual [298]
Khaledhosny Hosny, Khaled KhaledHosny Individual [299]
Hotchkiss, Christopher Individual [300]
Ghouston Houston, Gary Individual [301]
lukequaint Hryniuk, Łukasz lukequaint Individual [302]
Hulme, Jason Individual [303]
Huang, Hongtao Individual [304]
Hung, Chen Individual [305]
Hung, Mark Individual [306]
ajrhunt Hunt, Andrzej ahunt Individual [307]
hunteke Hunter, Kevin hoonteke Individual LGPLv3+/MPL1.1
Hussian, Alamri Individual [308]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Ikeda, Hideki Individual [309]
cataliniacob Iacob, Catalin Individual [310]
Irannejad, Golnaz Individual [311]
Irányossy Knoblauch, Artúr Individual [312]
tux3 Isnard, Timothée Individual [313]
janIversen Iversen, Jan janIV TDF [314]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Jacobi, Sven Individual [315]
pjacquod Jacquod, Pierre-André pjacquod Individual [316]
Jadhav, Pallavi Individual [317]
Jahagirdar, Abhilash R Individual [318]
Jaillet, Christophe Individual [319]
Jain, Akash Individual [320]
Anuragjain Jain, Anurag [321], [322]
Jañez, Rubén Individual [323]
Janik, Tim timj Lanedo [324]
Jaumann, Michael joman Landeshauptstadt München [325]
Jayaraman, Neelesh Individual [326]
Fitoschido Jayme Barrientos, Adolfo, fitoschido Individual [327]
HenrikJ Jensen, Henrik HenrikJ Individual [328]
Jensen, Jonas Finnemann Individual [329]
Jentsch, Peter Individual [330]
Yfjiang Jiang, Yifan yifan SUSE [331]
Jing, Lim Individual [332]
Jinoch, Vlastimil Individual [333]
Nikjoh Johansson, Niklas nikjoh Individual [334]
Johnsson, Mattias Individual [335]
Jonsson, Anders Individual [336]
PhilJung Jung, Philippe Individual [337]
Junker, Christian christianju Individual LGPL3+/GPL3+/MPL1.1+
HiTom Jingtao, Yan ACTom Individual [338]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
10110111 Kabatsayev, Ruslan l0ll0lll Individual [339]
mikekaganski Kaganski, Mike Individual [340]
Kagotani, Hiroto Individual [341]
Kainz, Andreas Individual [342]
Kakol, Lester Individual [343]
Kale, Aditya Individual [344]
Kaleski, Horst Individual [345]
Kaluza, Philipp Individual [346]
Kamadanis, Efstratios Individual [347]
KamranMackey Kamran Mackey Kamran Individual [348]
Kanapickas, Povilas Individual [349]
anurag_kanungo Kanungo, Anurag anurag_kanungo Individual [350]
pranavk Kant, Pranav pranavk Individual [351]
Kantert, Jan Individual [352]
kaplan Kaplan, Lior Individual LGPLv3+ / MPL 1.1+
Kara, Muhammet Individual [353]
Bersam Karbasion, Bersam bersam Individual [354]
slideon Kasztenny, Adam Individual [355]
Kawamura, Keigo Individual [356]
Kelemen, Gabor Individual [357]
Kéménczy, Kálmán Individual [358]
ackepenek Kepenek, Ahmet Can ackepenek Individual [359]
merge Kepplinger, Martin Individual [360]
Krishnakeshav keshav, krishna peace Individual [361]
Divayth Kettner, Valentin Divayth Individual [362]
Khan, Usman Individual [363]
Khandekar, Sarthak Individual [364]
Khatri, Srishti Individual [365]
weimzz Khoo, Wei Ming Individual [366]
Kim, Jung-uk [367]
Kim, Seyeong Canonical Ltd. [368]
kindi, noseeba Al Individual [369]
King, Gregg Individual [370]
Kirkovski, Seraphime Seraphime Linagora [371]
Király, Ádám Individual [372]
dfighter1985 Kis-Ádám, László dfighter Individual [373]
Ulkitz Kitzinger, Ulrich Landeshauptstadt München [374]
Kjellerup, René Individual [375]
Wiz Klausner, Thomas _wiz_ Individual [376]
Kloke, Philipp Individual [377]
eszka Kłos, Szymon eszka Individual [378]
Kluge, Tino Individual [379]
Astron Knorr, Stefan Individual [380]
PLNET Konefal, Pawel polishnet... Individual
Koppelt, Christine Individual [381]
Körner, Werner Individual [382]
Korostil, Daniel Individual [383]
gang65 Kosiorek, Bartosz gang65@poczta gang65 Individual [384]
Koski, Ken Individual []
Kostenich, Dima Individual [385]
Kranich, Daniel Individual [386]
Kraus, Petr Individual [387]
Kretzschmar, Martin Individual [388] until 2006
K_Karthikeyan Krishnamurthi, Karthikeyan karth C-DAC [389]
Krishnan, H.Chaithanyal [390]
Kroah-Hartman, Greg Individual [391]
Krot, Serge CIB [392]
Rq Kudelis, Rimas RQ Individual [393]
Kukade, Saurabh Individual [394]
Kue Kühl, Christian Individual
Matus Kukan, Matúš matus Individual [395]
Kumar, Rishabh Individual [396]
Kumar, Robin, 2robinsaini Ericsson [397]
Kumar, Rohan rohankanojia420|} Individual [398]
tk7ua Kumar, Tarun, Ericsson [399]
kumar Kumar, Thangavel kumarT Libre Data Consultancy Services (P) Ltd [400]
Kumar, Vijay iArmor [401]
Kurosawa, Takeshi Individual [402]
Kudasov, Fedor Individual [403]
Kuvaev, Alexander Individual [404]
Kütt, Moritz Individual [405]
Kysilka, Pavel Individual [406]
suokunlong Kevin, Suo (锁琨珑) suokunlong Individual [407]
gulsahkose Köse, Gülşah gulsahkose Individual [408]
yurikoles Kolesnykov, Yurii yurikoles Individual [409]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Lack, Gordon Individual [410]
Lagrange, J. Fernando Individual [411]
Mostthingsweb Laplante, Chris mostthingsweb Individual [412]
Lassieur, Clément Linagora [413]
Laštovička, Pavel Individual [414]
Laverdière, Marc-André Individual [415]
jtlebigot Le Bigot, Jean-Tiare jtlebi Individual [416]
mlechner Lechner, Marco mlechner Individual [417]
JPLED Ledure, Jean-Pierre Individual [418]
Leininger, Hank Individual [419]
Lee, Victor Individual [420]
Lefèvre, Michaël [421]
leighman Leigh, Jack ( leighman Individual [422]
L'Etrange, Zika Individual [423]
jeyli Liebel, Jennifer jeyli Landeshauptstadt München [424]
TorLillqvist Lillqvist, Tor tml Collabora [425]
jgraeme Lingard, J. Graeme ( jgraeme Individual [426]
Lippert, Tobias Individual [427]
Liu, Siqi Individual [428]
Aqcoder Liwen, Fan aqcoder Individual [429]
cloph Lohmaier, Christian cloph Individual [430]
Lokhande, Prashant Individual [431]
Long, Simon Individual [432]
Lorentz, Bertrand Individual [433]
Luby, Patrick Planamesa [434]
Luna, Mateus Machado Individual [435]
Luth, Justin Individual / SIL [436]
Clutz Lutz, Christoph clutz CIB for contributions up to now: [437]
RogerioLuzCoelho Luz Coelho, Rogério luz.rogerio@that mail by google RogerioLuzCoelho Individual [438]
Lyhne, Hannah Individual [439]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
M., Mirek Individual [440]
MacAlpine, Trent Individual [441]
Maciel, Ana Claudia Individual [442]
Madero, Joel jmadero Individual [443]
tobaem Madl, Tobias tobaem Landeshauptstadt München [444]
Blendergeek Magee, Timothy Blendergeek Individual [445]
Rm Magliocchetti, Riccardo xrmx [446]
Mahendran, Surendran Individual [447]
Maier, Markus Individual [448]
Mallach, Jordi Individual [449]
lmamane Mamane, Lionel Elie schoinobates Individual [450]
future1529 Manas Joshi manas Individual [451]
Mandke, Vinaya Synerzip [452]
Mannes, Paula Individual [453]
Manik, Malhotra Individual [454]
Andreasma Mantke, Andreas andreasma Individual [455]
Manwani, Chirag Individual [456]
MMariana Mărăşoiu, Mariana phoenixme Individual [457]
Markle, Timothy Individual [458]
Martinez, Santiago Individual [459]
Martínez Cortés, Juan Pablo Individual [460]
Mas, Jordi Individual [461]
McAdam, Eilidh Individual [462]
McCoskrie, Ryan Individual [463]
CodeMouse92 McDonald, Jason C. CodeMouse Individual
caolan McNamara, Caolán caolan Red Hat, Inc.
McQueen, Robert Collabora [464]
McRae, Keith Individual [465]
Mmeeks Meeks, Michael mmeeks SUSE [466]
Sam_m Mehrbrodt, Samuel samuel_m CIB [467]
Meixome Méixome, Antón meixome Individual [468], [469]
Vasily.melenchuk Melenchuk, Vasily CIB [470]
dougmencken Mencken, Douglas dougmencken Individual Public Domain/WTFPLv2+
Mendes, Jorge jmendes Individual [471]
Mendez, Jose Individual [472]
Merda, Marcin "exine" Individual [473]
Volkerme Merschmann, Volker volkerme Individual
Messner, Johann Individual [474]
adrian_broher Metz, Marcel Individual [475]
Meyer, Steven Individual [476]
Meyer-Thurow, Hanno Individual [477]
Bjoern-michaelsen Michaelsen, Björn Sweetshark Canonical Ltd. [478]
Matm Michel, Mathias matm Individual [479]
Michael, Arul Individual [480]
Mihályi, Dániel amidabucu [481]
pasqualm Milvaques, Pasqual pasqualm individual [482]
Minarik, Honza Individual [483]
Minicz, Pedro Individual [484]
ace7495 Mishra, Anubhav Individual [485]
Miśkiewicz, Arkadiusz Individual [486]
pmladek Mladek, Petr pmladek SUSE [487]
Mocsi, Gergő gmocsi91, stalker08 Individual [488]
Moges, Beza Individual [489]
Mogi, Isamu Individual [490]
Mohan Lal Srivastava, Brij Individual [491]
Markus Mohrhard, Markus moggi Individual [492]
scren Möller, Sören — spelled Soeren Moeller in some patches scren Individual [493]
Mmonas Monastirsky, Maxim Individual [494]
janimo Monoses, Jani Canonical see below
Jmontane Montané, Joan Individual
Montania, Ricardo Individual [495]
Morbach, Benedikt Individual [496]
emoreno Moreno, Eduardo emoreno TOKONHU de México
ploxiz Moscu, Alexandru ploxiz Individual [497]
Moulin, Camille Individual [498]
Mróz, Adam [499]
Mueller, Tobias Individual [500]
Münch, Michael Individual [501]
Murphy, Trevor Individual [502]
Jessoclarence Murugan, Jesso Clarence jesso Motah program, KACST [503]
Mukhiddin Yusupov Individual [504]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Naber, Daniel Individual [505]
serval2412 Nabet, Julien julien2412 Individual [506]
Nagy, Robert Individual [507]
Nakamoto, Takashi Individual [508]
Ashod Nakashian, Ashod Individual [509]
Nalley, David Individual [510]
Nardi, Saverio Individual [511]
Nathani, Sonakshi Individual [512]
muxer Nathansen, Martin muxer Landeshauptstadt München [513]
Dneelyep Neel, Daniel Individual
Németh, László Individual [514]
Nespolo, Jacopo [515]
. Ngo, Cao Cuong Individual [516]
Nlminhtl Ngo, Minh nlminhtl Individual [517]
Ni, Benjamin Individual [518]
niboshi Nishino, Daisuke niboshi Individual [519]
Nicholls, Matthew Individual [520]
Niehaus, Carsten Individual [521]
Nijhof, Jeroen Individual [522]
Niranjan, Dipankar Individual [523]
Nitschke, Joschen Individual [524]
. Noack, Christoph Individual [525]
cornouws Nouws, Cor cornouws Nou&Off, Netherlands [526]
Nnino Novak, Nino Individual CC-BY-SA (for wiki)
peternowee Nowee, Peter Individual [527]
aldo.roman Nureña, Aldo Román Individual [528]
Nyers, Gábor Individual [529]
nrbrtx Norbert X Individual [530]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Ofitserov, Nikita himikof@gmail Individual [531]
Ogasawara, Naruhiko naruoga@gmail Individual [532]
Okano, Takayoshi Individual [533]
Ryoon ONODERA, Ryo Individual [534]
Davido Ostrovsky, David _david_ Individual, CIB [535] [536]
oger000 Öttl, Gerhard oger000 Individual [537]
Aybuke Ozdemir, Aybuke aybuke Individual [538]
Owens, Martin Individual [539]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Páder, Rezső Individual [540]
treadstone90 Padmanabhan, Karthik Individual [541]
Padmadas, Darshana Individual [542]
Page, Mark Individual [543]
Palenik, Mihály Individual [544]
Palo, Richard richard@netbsd Individual [545]
Pandey, Prashant Individual [546]
Pantechovskis, Aleksas AlexP11223 Individual [547]
Papin, Jean-Charles Individual [548]
Paragas, Jorenz Individual [549]
phora Paraiso, Joan phora Individual [550]
Parent, Mathieu Individual [551]
Parruck, Barun Individual [552]
. Patidar, Navin Motah Program, KACST [553]
campaul Paul, Cameron campaul Individual [554]
madscientist159 Pearson, Timothy kb9vqf Trinity Desktop Project [555]
wope Pechlaner, Wolfgang wope Individual [556]
Pelloux-Prayer, Pierre-Eric Lanedo [557]
Peng, Kevin Individual [558]
Perez-Schofield, Baltasar García Individual [559]
lpetrolekas Petrolekas, Luke Individual [560]
Pflüger, Wilhelm Individual [561]
Philipz Philips, Yousuf jphilipz Individual [562]
jumapico Picca, Juan jumapico Individual [563]
Picchiarelli, Giacomo Individual [564]
Pierdola, Thies Individual [565]
Pinter, Krisztian Individual [566]
Marcoagpinto Pinto, Marco A.G. Individual [567]
Pirani, Fernando Individual [568]
Hatapitk Pitkänen, Harri hatapitk Individual [569]
. Pkoroau Individual [570]
. Ploton, Olivier Individual [571]
Gippy73 Ponzo, Gabriele GPS Individual [572]
Mariuz Popa, Adrian Marius Individual [573]
Portella, Victor Sanches Individual [574]
Possoz, Louis Individual [575]
Pottage, Matthew Individual [576]
Poussel, Guillaume Individual [577]
Povoleri, Nicola Individual [578]
NoelPower Power, Noel noelp SUSE [579]
Powers, Joseph Individual [580]
. Pradet, Quentin Individual [581]
Prakasht, Tapan Individual [582]
Proschofsky, Andreas Individual [583]
Proulx, Antoine Individual [584]
Korrawit Pruegsanusak, Korrawit Individual [585]
pharic Pulagam, Harichandan Individual [586]
Põldaru, Matias Individual [587]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Quetschke, Volker Individual [588]
Quigley, Bryan Canonical [589]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Rabi, Péter Individual [590]
. Ioan, Radu Individual [591]
nifgraup Ragnarsson, Björgvin Individual [592]
Rahemipour, Jacqueline Individual [593]
Raicevic, Larisa Individual [594]
Ramírez Arceda, Mònica Individual [595]
Rao, Sudarshan Individual [596]
Samphan Raruenrom, Samphan Osdev [597]
Rashish, Maya coypu@SDF.ORG Individual [598]
erAck Rathke, Eike, erAck Red Hat, Inc. [599]
DebarshiRay Ray, Debarshi rishi Red Hat, Inc.
Raymond, Eric S. Individual [600]
Renon, Michel Individual [601]
Reisi007 Reisinger, Florian reisi007 or florei Individual [602]
diocles Retout, Tim Individual [603]
Requena, Jose Mendez Individual [604]
Richards, Dave dave_largo Individual [605]
Richardson, Tim timrichardson Individual [606]
Riddell, Jonathan jr@jriddell Individual [607]
FlipR Riemer, Philipp flip28 Individual [608]
KristianRietveld Rietveld, Kristian kris___ Lanedo GmbH [609]
Modestas Rimkus, Modestas Individual [610]
. Ring, Stefan Individual [611]
Ritztro Ritzema, Brent Individual [612]
Roberto, Anderson Individual [613]
drobertson Robertson, Daniel drobertson Individual [614]
Dennisroczek Roczek, Dennis, DennisRoczek Individual [615]
drodriguez Rodriguez, Daniel Armando drodriguez Individual .
Rollo, Troy Individual [616]
Rosenberger, Tobias Individual [617]
Rosenkränzer, Bernhard Individual [618]
cr Roßmanith, Christina crossmanith Individual [619]
Roth, Robert Individual [620]
Rouvignac, Jean-Noël Individual [621]
eroux Roux, Elie eroux Individual [622]
Royer, Jean-Yves Individual [623]
Rubinson, Ivan Individual mail on legal list.
Ruggero, Cyrille ruggero@clipper Individual [624]
Maciej Rumianowski, Maciej rumianom Individual [625]
Heiher Rui Wang heiher Individual [626]
mrugiero Rugiero, Mario mrugiero Individual [627]
arranna Rönkkö, Niko arranna Individual


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Sacristán Valdezate, Domingo Individual [628]
Sahas Sahasranaman M S sahas Libre Data Consultancy Services (P) Ltd [629]
Saito, Francisco Kem Iti [630]
Samir, Ahmad Individual [631]
elbarto Sánchez, Bartolomé elbarto Individual [632]
Sarmiento, José Santiago Jiménez Individual [633]
Sauter, Pierre Individual [634]
Scerbak, Marian Individual [635]
lohsol Scheidt, Heiko Individual [636]
Schick, Stefan Individual [637]
Schmid, Franz Individual [638]
Schnabel, Andre Individual [639]
Schneider, Hansgerd Individual [640]
Schneider, Reto Individual [641]
salix Schulthess, Franziska Individual
Schultz, Jonathan Individual [642]
Chs Schulz, Charles-H. southerncross__ Individual
Icyitscold Scott, Patrick Individual
Sebastian, Rosemary roses Individual [643]
Kruno Šebetić, Krunoslav Individual [644]
Sedak, Robert Individual [645]
Sempere, Richard Individual [646]
Iremsendur Şendur, İrem iremsendur Individual [647]
peter.senna Senna Tschudin, Peter Individual [648]
Šesták, Jindřich Individual [649]
Sethi, Abeer [650]
Seward, Julian Individual [651] - past only
Seynaeve, Eric Individual [652]
Shah, Prashant Individual [653]
umairshahid Shahid, Umair umairshahid 2ndQuadrant [654]
Shanks, Nicholas Individual [655]
Sharifi, Naser Individual [656]
Sharma, Pratishta Individual [657]
tbsdy Sherlock, Chris tbsdy or chris_wot Individual [658]
Shetye, Akash she1991 Individual [659]
Shinde, Sushil Synerzip [660]
Shtylman, Roman Individual [661]
Shukla, Rushi Individual [662]
elshize Siedlaczek, Michał Individual [663]
Sikeler, Daniel Individual [664]
Silbermayr, Wolfgang Individual [665]
Silva, Javier [666]
Singh, Jaskaran Individual [667]
Singh, Manmeet Individual [668]
gsmaha Smaha, Guillaume gsmaha Linagora [669]
Smajda, Ludovic Individual [670]
Smith, John Individual [671]
ertai Snelders, Rob / ertai_NL Individual [672]
augsod Sodora, August augsod Individual [673]
mox Soini, Mox Individual [674]
Soragna, Andrea Individual [675]
Souza, Marcos Individual [676]
brad Sowden, Brad Individual [677]
spaetz Spaeth, Sebastian spaetz Individual [678]
Specht, Oliver CIB [679]
Šrámek, Miloš Individual [680]
Srebotnjak, Martin Individual [681]
Mst Stahl, Michael, mst[_]* Red Hat, Inc. [682]
aleksandar Stefanović, Aleksandar Individual [683]
Ochosi Steinbeiß, Simon ochosi Individual [684]
Strba, Fridrich Individual [685]
Srivastava, Sagar Motah Program, KACST [686]
Steele, Dave Individual [687]
Stefanik, Gabor netroller3 Individual [688]
ChristopheS Strobbe, Christophe Individual
Strnad, Michal Individual
Strubulis, Christos Individual [689]
sumuthu Subramanian, Muthu muthusuba Ericsson [690]
Sujay M [691]
gatlibs Sullivan, Gatlin gatlibs Independent [692]
Supp, Mathias individual [693]
Svobodová, Helena individual [694]
Swales, Stuart Individual [695]
Symes, Luke Individual [696]
Szalai, Kálmán „KAMI” Individual [697]
Phillip Szelat, Phillip phillip Individual [698]
Świętek, Michał Individual [699]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Wastack Tamás, Bunth Wastack Individual [700]
Taneroğlu, Yeliz yeliztaneroglu [701]
audreyt Tang, Audrey au CC0
Tanaka, Hidemune Individual [702]
Tarasievich, Yury Individual [703]
dtardon Tardon, David dtardon Red Hat, Inc. [704]
Tarlan, Kader Individual [705]
Taylor, Carl Individual [706]
arnotixe Teigseth, Arno arnotixe@gmail arnotixe Individual [707]
Thabet, Mohamed Individual [708]
Raunak, Thakur Individual [709]
Tantai Thanakanok, Tantai Osdev [710]
Shmget Thiebaud, Norbert shm_get Individual [711]
Thomas, Daniel Individual [712]
tomthorogood Thorogood, Tom tomthorogood Individual private mail to legal@
Thuc, Dao Minh Individual [713]
Thurgood, Alexander Individual [714]
thuswa Thuswaldner, Albert thuswa Individual [715]
Tibra, Shubham Individual [716]
Tigeot, Francois [717]
Tillemans, Peter Individual [718]
Andras Timar Timar, Andras timar SUSE [719], [720] (pre-SUSE)
Ivan Timofeev, Ivan Individual [721]
Tomcsik, Bence Tibor tomcsik Individual [722]
Tõnnov, Mihkel Individual [723]
Trémouroux, Joachim Individual [724]
qubit Tryon, Robinson, colonelqubit Individual [725]
Trzebiatowski, Jakub Individual [726]
zerng07 Tseng, Cheng-Chia Individual [727]
Turek, Tomáš Individual [728]
Tümer, Mert Individual [729]
Túri, István pista Individual [730]
Tyagi, Charu Ericsson [731]
Tzeneva, Tzvetelina Individual [732]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Ullrich, Pascal Individual [733]
Uray, Janos M. UMJ Individual [734]
Ursache, Vladimir Collabora [735]
Uvarov, Nikita uvnikita Individual [736]
Uzak, Matus Individual [737]
Uzun, Faruk Individual [738]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Vort V., Artem Vort Individual [739]
vmiklos Vajna, Miklos vmiklos SUSE [740] (pre-SUSE)
Vajngerl, Tomaž Individual [741]
van den Akker, Stephan Individual [742]
van der Meulen, Thomas [743]
van der Waa, Jelle Individual [744]
van Klaveren, Theo Individual [745]
pietvo van Oostrum, Piet Individual [746]
gertvv van Valkenhoef, Gert Individual [747]
Vanz, José Guilherme Individual [748]
Varga, Mihai Individual [749]
Varga, Viktor Individual [750]
Vastag, Dávid Individual [751]
Véghelyi, András Individual [752]
Vendramini, Vinicius Individual [753]
Vendrell, Vicente Individual [754]
Vendramini, Vinicius vinivendra@gmail Individual [755]
Verrier, David Individual [756]
arnaud_versini Versini, Arnaud arnaud_versini Individual [757]
Vicenzi, Alexandre Individual [758]
tomv Viehmann, Thomas tomv Individual [759]
italovignoli Vignoli, Italo italovignoli Individual [760]
rajatvijay Vijay, Rajat Individual [761]
Bavincen Vincent, Babu Ericsson [762]
Vincent Individual [763]
Uman Vincent, Brennan uman Individual [764]
Vogt, David Individual [765]
Vonlanthen, Mathieu Individual [766]
pevik Vorel, Petr Individual [767]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Walvekar, Nikhil Synerzip [768]
Wagner, Thorsten Individual [769]
Wang, Frédéric Individual [770]
Wareham, Rich Individual [771]
Wasserthal, Lennard Individual [772]
Waterkemper, Donizete Individual [773]
michaelweghorn Weghorn, Michael michaelweghorn Landeshauptstadt München [774]
Wehner, Sven Individual [775]
stefan.weiberg Weiberg, Stefan smux Landeshauptstadt München [776]
Weigel, Stefan Individual [777]
Weigelt, Enrico Individual [778]
philippw Weissenbacher, Philipp philippw Individual [779]
Wells, Raymond Individual [780]
Wernig, Markus Individual [781]
West, Andrew Individual [782]
Weyand, Nico Individual [783]
White, Jeremy CodeWeavers [784]
Whitley, Mike [785]
dag Wieërs, Dag dag Dagit [786]
Williams, Mark Individual [787]
Wilms, Alexander Individual [788]
SimonAW Wilper, Simon SimonAW Individual [789]
Wolf, Mark Individual [790]
Woosley, Brad Individual [791]
Wolszczak, Jacek [792]
Jonny.Wu Wu, Haidong haidong Individual [793]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
Yagi, Tomofumi Individual [794]
YALAMAN, Efe Gürkan Individual [795]
Yavuz, Feyza Individual [796]
Yee, Nathan delta-nry Individual [797]
Yen, YiiChang OSSII [798]
Kohei Yoshida, Kohei (or kohei SUSE [799]
Youn, Jiwoong Individual [800]
Young, Sean Individual [801]
Yurtoglu, Melike Ayse Individual [802]
Wol Youngman, Anthony W. Wol Individual [803]
Yukawa, Yohei Google, Inc. [804]


Wiki user name Real name Git email IRC nick Affiliation License
. Zamaraev, Alexandr N. Individual [805]
Zasuwik, Mateusz Individual [806]
Ztamas Zolnai, Tamás, ztamas Individual [807]


Companies giving blanket licensing statements for their contribution.

Name of Organisation License statement
Canonical [808]
CIB [809]
CloudOn [810]
CodeWeavers [811]
Collabora [812]
Credativ [813]
Igalia [814]
ITOMIG GmbH [815]
Lanedo [816]
Linagora [817]
Mandriva [818]
MultiCoreWare [819]
Openismus [820]
Planamesa [821]
Red Hat, Inc. [822]
Sonicle [823]
SUSE / Novell [824]
Synerzip [825] [826] [827]
Xamarin [828]