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    Current positions

    Current design experts :

    • UX expert :
    • Visual design expert :
    • User testing expert :
    • IRC chat moderator : Heiko Tietze

    Current projects experts :

    The user testing expert see to it that whatever needs to be tested gets tested and that the tests are carried out well. The expert doesn't have to personally take part in tests -- as we have volunteers all over the world, that would sometimes be impossible -- but they have to make sure that the tests get done and are sufficiently accurate to be useful.

    The visual design expert oversee all visual design related work. That means making sure that all graphical elements that are needed get made and follow a certain style. It also means creating visual design and branding guidelines and style guides when they're needed.

    The UX expert care for the general UX of LibreOffice. That means bringing attention to important UX bugs, watching over their progress, and cooperating with the user testing expert, the visual design expert, and developers based on what each bug requires. It also involves refining the design process, from the bug report stage all the way to implementation.

    Project experts are designed when required for large projects. They take care of the whiteboards and of the project. They should also be responsible for crafting the tentative design.

    In general :

    • experts are voted for 6 months,
    • if for some position, nobody applies, then the design team self-organizes (for the best and the worse as usual)
    • experts give an orientation to the work of the design team, organize the debate without censorship,
    • if a particular point yields a lot of conflicting opinions, the final say goes to a vote after all rationnal arguments have been synthetized by the expert.

    What We've Accomplished

    Please add links to the documentation of things we have done within the UX team. We will need this e.g. for presenting our stuff on the LibreOffice conference.

    Topic Date started Date stopped People involved Delivered in LO Version Links
    Testing Icons June 2012 - Björn, Astron -

    Design Team Members

    If you'd like to get involved as well, feel free to add yourself to the list.

    Design Team

    Picture Name Wiki User Page IRC User Name Blog Topic Interest LibreOffice Interests Comments Last Update
    Htietze.jpg Heiko Tietze
    htietze blog
    • UX Mentoring
    • User Survey
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Interface Design
    • Human Interface Guidelines
    • Consistency
    • Self-descriptiveness
    Don't eat the yellow snow where the huskies use to go. 2015-06-10
    ... V. Stuart Foote
    vsfoote ... ...
    • Accessibility & a11y
    • General UX
    ... 2015-06-10
    ... Jan 'Kendy' Holešovský
    kendy blog
    • Liaison to the ESC
    ... ... 2015-06-11
    ... Philippe Jung
    • Develop new features
    • Make things simple and intuitive
    • Writer
    • Impress
    ... 2015-06-17
    Adolfo Jayme Fitoschido fitojb Blog Visual design, UX patterns, localization 2015-07-05
    Thomas Lendo User:Lendo/Usability
    • User experience
    • Localization
    Make LibreOffice better and easier to use 2019-09-11
    Rizal Muttaqin User:rizmut rizmut Mastering LibreOffice
    • Icon Design
    • User Experience
    Make LibreOffice shiny and sweety Let's Code for Afterlife 2020-05-06
    ... Cassandra Freund
    User:CassieLX ...
    • Sifr Design
    • I'm using mainly Draw, Calc and Writer.
    not active atm. 2022-10-09
    ... Ronak Kothari
    ... ronakkothari123
    • Web Design Experience
    • Web Development Experience
    • User Experience
    • Absolutely love designing and developing the web and providing a better experience for users everywhere.
    Want to help make the website more enticing and modernized! Currently making mockup 2022-03-14
    Picture Name Wiki User Page IRC User Name Blog Topic Interest LibreOffice Interests Comments Last Update

    Design Team Alumni

    Wiki User Page IRC User Name
    Blog Topic Interest
    LibreOffice Interests
    Last Update
    (no image) Stefan Knorr (astron)
    • yes, please: user experience/interaction
    • marginally: branding
    • not very much: marketing
    make it just work informal "mentor" role – so don't hesitate to ask... 2012-02-16
    (no image) Laurent Lyaudet (LLyaudet) User:LLyaudet LLyaudet
    • User experience
    • Ergonomics
    [coming soon] Mike Houben User:Houbsi Houbsi ...
    • User Experience
    • Webdesign
    • Animation
    • Film
    • Photography
    • Interface Design
    • Website
    ... Björn Balazs User:Bjoern ... Creating extraordinary user experiences for free software by understanding human needs Doing
    <- that for an office suite
    IvanM.jpg Ivan Miskovic User:IvanM ivanm Currently neglected :(
    • Visual Design
    • Website
    • User Experience
    • Community!
    LibreOffice has so much potential - I'd be happy if I contributed to a small part of its realisation ...
    Nikash SINGH User:Nik ... Even more neglected than Ivan's! =O
    Design direction,
    User Interface
    Putting our best foot forward =) 2011-10-23
    ... Gareth Edwards User:Gareth ... ... User Experience Turning LibreOffice into the best office suite available. Particularly interested in Impress, Draw and Writer (roughly in that order). ... 2011-02-16
    ... Tobias Bernard User:Bertob
    - -
    • Vector Graphics
    • Logo Design
    • Drawing
    • Comics/Cartoons/Caricatures
    • Logo/Icon Design
    • everything else^^
    - 2011-02-19
    ... Rob Cummings User:Equis Equis
    • Vector graphics & logo design
    • Branding & collateral design
    • Marketing
    • 3-D modeling & rendering
    • Artwork design & layout of collateral
    • Helping users on IRC

    Background in architecture, but design is design!

    User ChristophNoack.png Christoph Noack
    • User Experience Design
    • Interaction Design
    • Usability
    Somehow everything :-)
    Former UX Design Team Lead
    Bedipp 2008.jpg
    Design Team Lead;
    Visual Design
    Bernhard Dippold User:Bedipp bedipp ...
    • positive interaction with interesting people
    • combining idealism with realism
    • proving open source ideas to work in "real life"
    • Community building and support
    • Branding
    • Marketing
    • Design and Artwork
    • Teamwork

    and all combinations


    Luca Cappelletti
    • Interaction Design (IxD)
    • Emotional Design
    • Free/Libre software developer evangelist
    Design for humans needs
    ... Phil Jackson User:Simplicity Instinct ... Have used a variety of Word Processors and Spreadsheets and written many software applications in many different vertical markets which has given me time to understand what works and what mostly doesn't. Writer, Calc, Impress Have researched Software Usability and written a White Paper on 12 principles that make software usability better. See LibreOffice as being a potential market leader in offering highly usable productivity suites. 2011-05-10
    User IMG 5732.JPG
    Jaron Kuppers
    • User Experience and Usability
    • Improving resources for academics
    • Icon design
    Anything really that needs help...
    even the tasks people don't like doing

    - Johannes Bausch User:Joey - -
    • Photography
    • Programming
    • Advertisement Design
    • Branding
    • Logo Design
    • Icon Design
    - 2011-02-17

    Sabin Densmore
    • User Experience
    • User Interface
    • Interaction Models
    • Building competitive advantage through better UI/UX
    • The whole suite

    ... Michel Renon Michelr ... blog
    • User Experience
    • User Interface
    • Create simple, powerfull and obvious to understand software
    • strong user of Writer
    • user of Draw, Calc and Impress
    • Starting to develop LibreOffice
    • Mac user since 1986 !
    • using Free software (Firefox, OpenOffice...) since 2007 on macOS and Ubuntu
    • Software developer since my first Mac : DBMS, scientific, medical, web
    • Now working in python with OpenERP
    User Alexander Wilms.jpg F. Alexander Wilms
    Alexander Wilms
    • Overall look 'n' feel
    • Templates
    • Impress & Writes
    • Predefined Styles

    ... Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn K-j .... .....
    • learning from others
    • website usability
    • Even on a creative team there must be someone who hangs on the pictures
    ... Yousuf 'Jay' Philips
    jphilipz ...
    • User Experience
    • Usage Metrics
    ... ... 2015-06-11
    ... Katarina Behrens
    bubli ...
    • Reading code
    • Writing code
    • Complaining about code
    • Dreaming in code
    • Draw/Impress, sometimes Calc
    • Fixing (UI) bugs
    • Transforming design ideas into code
    ... 2015-07-03
    ... P Rana
    ... ...
    • User Experience
    • Interface Design
    • Consistency
    • Ease of use
    ... 2016-11-28
    User Paulo Jose.jpg
    Paulo José O. Amaro
    Paulo José - Brainstorm
    • User Experience Design
    • Usability & Accessibility
    • 2D/3D Artwork
    • Drawing
    • Photography
    Interface Design and User Experience studies, for now.

    Picture Name Wiki User Page IRC User Name Blog Topic Interest LibreOffice Interests Comments Last Update