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reviewed access

To get your first changes into LibreOffice, you dont need anyone allowing you to push your changes. The get involved page explains how to get started.

unrestricted access (becoming a member of the 'Committers' group)

Once you have commited a few patches that have been successfully reviewed and merged into LibreOffice, you should apply for unrestricted git access. This will allow you to:

  • commit directly to LibreOffice master, bypassing gerrit
  • push/merge the proposed changes by others on gerrit to LibreOffice master
  • of course, you can still opt to upload your change to gerrit -- e.g. if you think the change might be controversial or you are unsure about your solution and want feedback

The privilege to do the first is coupled to the duty to do the second. Note this is not enforced by any strict rules, but please contribute to code review: Depending on your involvement in gerrit, it is best to set some time apart once a week/month/quarter to have a look at the patches of others. Note that you do not have to start with pushing patches directly, if you want to be cautious. If you are shy about a change, just commenting on a patch or discussing issues with the author is a help too.

To get unrestricted commit access, just send a mail to developer mailing list, best referencing some of your previous patches so we can quickly validate you.

keeping up to speed with patches to review

If you have unrestricted commit access, please also subscribe to the developer mailing list at A friendly bot will send a daily update with what it happening on gerrit there (example). This will let you see changes, that you may help reviewing.

In addition, you can request more detailed and quicker (not only once a day) mails directly from gerrit. By clicking on "Settings (in the top-right corner)->Watched Projects" you can ask to get a mail for every move on gerrit. An example would be:

Project: core
Only if: branch:master

This would send you a mail for all commits proposed against master (but e.g. not backports to release branches). Another example:

Project: core
Only if: -ownerin:Committers

This would show all commits by people that are not in the 'Committers' groups (therefore created by people who have no unrestricted access and can not push directly to master).

You can play and test these expression in the search expression text entry field in the top right of the gerrit frontpage. More information about these can be found in the search documentation.

help and contact

If you need help or assistance along the way, do not hesitate to contact us on on IRC Freenode #libreoffice-dev connect via webchat or write to the developer mailing list and we will try to help you out.