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This page (may) contain content that is old and/or out of date.
If you have experience in this area, please review this page for accuracy.
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About Hard Hacks


This page is dedicated to collecting "Hard Hacks" for our more experienced developers to take on as soon as they go from the proposed state to the confirmed state (see process section). These hacks are meant to not last long in the "hard hack" stage, instead they are meant to quickly be assigned to a developer -- or more likely willingly accepted by a developer -- during conference calls. In most cases a hard hack should be assigned to a developer in less than a month and a patch should be committed in no longer than another month. If the list of hard hacks gets too long without developers being assigned, the process of accepting proposed hard hacks as official hard hacks stops until the back log is handled. This list is meant to be a temporary solution until we are able to correctly prioritize bugs in Bugzilla.

What is a hard hack?

Hard hacks should meet the below requirements:

  1. Be relatively annoying for a significant amount of people
  2. Be relatively difficult to solve and/or track down
  3. Crashes/data loss are good candidates but not necessary
  4. Backtraces should be done on proposed hard hacks before they become accepted hard hacks
  5. Enhancement requests should NOT be on the list


The process is quite simple, everyone is welcome to nominate a hard hack as a proposed hard hack by adding the Bug # as well as your name to the table below, this list will then be the basis of our bi-weekly QA discussion about hard hacks, where we then will collectively bring an appropriate number of hacks from the proposed section to the confirmed section. Please do not put bugs immediately in the accepted hard hacks table, this only makes the process messy and unreliable.

Joining QA Call

As mentioned above the QA conference call is made bi-weekly, usually on a Friday at 1400 GMT. Please join the QA mailing list where you'll receive an email bi-weekly detailing the date/time and agenda for the next meeting.

Hard Hack Lists

Current Hard Hacks

Bug # - Summary Component Assigned To Comments
tdf#59932 - FILEOPEN: Text boxes with bulleted lists containing wrapped text resize when re-opening saved .pptx format Presentation Muthusuba
tdf#47355 - EDITING: When shrinking an object anchored as character, paragraph below it doesn't update its position Writer Bjoern
tdf#38147 - FILESAVE File Sharing Password protected MS Word document no longer editable after reopen Writer NOT ASSIGNED one of our oldest regressions

Fixed Hard Hacks

Bug # - Summary Thanks To
tdf#51232 - EDITING: CRASH when paste in outline view after SLIDESHOW Herbert Duerr
tdf#48056 - FILEOPEN Report with charts fails with Message "Failed to parse the report" Lionel
tdf#59259 - With some master pages, freezes when try to print Jan Holesovsky
tdf#40421 - PRINTING shapes with transparent(?) Thorsten
tdf#48039 - Cross-references disrupted in Master Document Caolan
tdf#62116 - FILEOPEN .ods created with LibO 3.6: Link behind text lost Kohei Yoshida
tdf#61025 - Crash when adding a comment on a cell Markus Mohrhard
tdf#37580 - Assign layout malfunction and crash on slide with formula Unknown
tdf#34548 - EDITING: CRASH in action after Undo David Tardon
tdf#49610 - EDITING: Terminating 'Find' when reached end of document second time brings up "Master View", deletes slides Radek Doulik
tdf#51023 - EDITING: Drag-and-drop slide always moves slide to first position, leading to data corruption and sometimes CRASH Radek Doulik & Tor Lillqvist
tdf#35991 - 64bit, merged cells in tables in DOC files not saved correctly Caolan
tdf#50285 - Loading document as .doc introduces bogus superscript text Caolan
tdf#36681 - EDITING: after insert/removal of a picture view scrolls to begin/end of doc Cedric Bosdonnat
tdf#48569 - LibreOffice crashes when saving in .docx format Caolan
tdf#32948 - confused base issue Lionel Elie-Mamane
tdf#38913 - CRASH at startup citing msvcr90.dll after upgrade Stephan Bergmann
tdf#47283 - EDITING: crash when at the end of the undo stack Michael Stahl
tdf#44278 - FILESAVE .docx (MSO2007) as .odt creates duplicated picture Cedric Bosdonnat
tdf#46100 - EDITING: Crash after deleting a sheet Markus Mohrhard
tdf#48366 - FILEOPEN for particular .xlsx impossible, "General Error" Markus Mohrhard
tdf#49819 - FILEOPEN error when loading a particular .docx file Michael Meeks
tdf#48692 - TABLES: Writer corrupts large tables Michael Stahl & Noel Grandin
tdf#60668 - FILESAVE: Libreoffice Writer 4.0 crashing on saving file Michael Stahl
tdf#32181 - PRINTING: underlining in "Justified" aligned paragraph bleed over margin, also PDFEXPORT Caolan
tdf#52640 - FORMATTING : tabstops malfunction in Draw and Impress David Tardon
tdf#49277 - PPT EXPORT: Tabulators are displaced after exporting to PPT format David Tardon
tdf#60922 - FILEOPEN, FILESAVE create document as odt, save as docx , corrupts Miklos
tdf#40594 - FILEOPEN .docx (MSO2010) does not show CHART object Michael

Lapsed Hard Hacks

Bug # - Summary Comments
tdf#33302 - FILEOPEN/EDITING RTL text: parentheses and brackets "(...) [...]" inverted to ")...( ]...[" with some fonts Mac Volunteer Needed

Proposed Hard Hacks


Bug # - Summary Nominated By Comment
tdf#51819 - Password-protected documents saved unencrypted for auto-recovery Florian Reisinger (talk) 2013-03-26T09:51:22 (UTC) Password protection is away, when previously password protected files gets recovered Regression from 3.4.6
tdf#62655 - FORMATTING: Formatting Text Boxes with PPT File Error Joel Madero Makes formatting completely off for PPT files
tdf#50057 - EDITING: Replication of frames when record changes (redlining) is on Roman Eisele Data corruption; the kind of bug which drives “normal” users crazy
tdf#57619 - Print dialog needs to support Bonjour broadcasting of remote printers Joel Madero This is a must fix, if it's not fixed remote printing won't be possible in the future
tdf#39006 - FILEOPEN: LibreOffice hangs with 100% CPU usage on specific .doc file Rainer Bielefeld Rather old, very tricky 3.5 MAB bug
tdf#34451 Appearing docked Toolbars cause document jumping on screen Rainer Bielefeld 2013-02-21T16:17:24 (UTC) Everybody who works with Draw (-Elements) always is nearby madness because of this very old (OOo 2) problem.
tdf#41436 FORMATTING: User style not transferred with copy / paste to other document Rainer Bielefeld 2013-02-22T06:25:47 (UTC) Well, it seems to affect only 1 user in the universe, but it makes Draw (and Impress) a toy instead of a tool.