Development/Impress/Remote 2

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    Work In Progress



    • The logo at the action bar is a flat version of the launcher icon to follow other action bar buttons style — just like the Google Play application.
    • The action bar background is the same as color of LibreOffice Impress icon — and the same color used for the launcher icon. The color is pretty soft and tries to follow official recommendations.
    • Where possible there are fade animations to smooth the UI’s actions.
    • Tabs are swipeable: you can change the current tab dragging content or selecting a tab directly.
    • When a device doesn’t have a Bluetooth adapter tabs are hidden and there is only list with WiFi computers.
    • If user removes a manual added computer it is simply removing. If one removes a auto-founded computer it becomes blacklisted — only for the current application’s running period.
    • The reconnection button at the action bar appears only when there are connection errors.
    • Instructions on connection errors are a bit different for WiFi and Bluetooth: for WiFi instructions suggest to activate additional LibreOffice functions and for Bluetooth they suggest to check your OS-related Bluetooth pairing. It is not possible to detect LibreOffice’s host OS so it is generic.
    • The slide show related information is presented as a human-readable text. If timer was not set the second line of the action bar becomes hidden and only current progress text left.
    • The notes section is hidden if there are no notes for the slide. The slide’s preview not becomes vertical-centered in such case because it can confuse users.
    • An icon of the timer is shown only when there is room for it and is hidden under the overflow menu in other cases. The timer itself is a native time picker dialog.