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La página describe de labor en curso, introducción le "NotebookBar" en LibreOffice.

El objetivo es proporcionar una interfaz alternativa que unifica las diferentes toolbars y agrupa en tabs. Esto permitirá diseño más flexible que toolbars actuales. Glade será utilizada para diseñar los controles.

El menú clásico seguirá siendo el valor predeterminado en entornos como Unity y Mac OS. En entornos alternativos. Que debe estar disponible para cambiar al clásico en entornos alternativos.

WIP continuado en Inglés (por el momento)

The first app where the NotebookBar will be introduced is Writer. Here's a screenshot of the current work (note that the toolbars are still there currently. Of course they will be hidden later on):


Try it out

Currently, to enable the NotebookBar, you need to set the LO_USE_NOTEBOOKBAR environment variable (note this works only in current master):


When it is in some usable state, an option to enable the NotebookBar will be introduced in the View menu. This is expected not before LibreOffice 5.2 (Q3 2016).

Ongoing work

Currently, there is some ground work to be done, before the actual Notebooks can be populated. This includes:

  • Let each module define the tabs for the Notebook individually. Currently there is one huge file, where all tabs are defined.
  • Define widget priorities. We need a container that hides/shrinks stuff when the screen size does not fit

Furthermore, the following things would be nice to have™:

  • Theming. It would be nice to have some custom theming applied to the NotebookBar.
  • API Integration: Allow extensions to create their own tabs
  • Customization: Allow users to customize tabs, or add custom commands in a certain place


When designing the different tabs, the following resources can be taken into consideration: