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List of threads

This is a list of all the threads spawned by code in the core repository; external libraries were not searched.

some search terms:

CreateThread _beginthread _beginthreadex MPCreateTask NSThread pthread_create osl_createThread osl_createSuspendedThread osl::Thread salhelper::Thread java.lang.Thread

source file description remarks
desktop/source/app/officeipcthread.cxx office IPC thread: pass command line arguments to running soffice.bin
desktop/source/offacc/acceptor.cxx Acceptor thread - listens for incoming URP connections [uno-ure]
binaryurp/source/reader.cxx binary URP bridge reader thread [uno-ure] ([UNO] via threadpool)
binaryurp/source/writer.cxx binary URP bridge writer thread [uno-ure]
cppu/source/threadpool/thread.cxx CPPU threadpool request-threads [UNO]
toolkit/source/awt/vclxtoolkit.cxx VCLXToolkit can init VCL in a new thread! [EL] [UNO]
jurt/com/sun/star/lib/util/ Java Async Finalizer thread - calls finalizers -> C++ destructors via bridge [uno-r]
bean/com/sun/star/comp/beans/ OOoBean thread that retrieves a service factory (via URP?) [uno-ure]
bean/com/sun/star/beans/ OOoBean thread that calls "interrupt" on another thread after timeout?
bean/com/sun/star/comp/beans/ OOoBean thread that calls "interrupt" on another thread after timeout?
bean/com/sun/star/comp/beans/ OOoBean stdio copying thread [actually does OOoBean run in soffice.bin at all?]
jurt/com/sun/star/lib/uno/bridges/java_remote/ Java URP bridge reader thread [uno-ure]
jurt/com/sun/star/lib/uno/environments/remote/ Java URP bridge worker thread - actually runs UNO methods [UNO]
javaunohelper/com/sun/star/comp/helper/ JUH stdio copying thread [actually not in soffice.bin]
scripting/java/com/sun/star/script/framework/provider/ macOS Java Swing invocation thread - moves calls into Swing out of main thread
swext/mediawiki/src/com/sun/star/wiki/ MediaWiki extension settings dialog URL fetch/login thread
swext/mediawiki/src/com/sun/star/wiki/ MediaWiki extension property dialog submit article thread - stores a document [uno]
librelogo/source/LibreLogo/ LibreLogo program execution thread [UNO]
sal/rtl/alloc_cache.cxx RTL allocator SLAB cache cleanup: rtl_cache_wsupdate_all
vcl/macOS/salinst.cxx Cocoa "enableCocoaThreads" - literally doesn't do anything
sal/osl/w32/dllentry.c Win32 sal --headless "ParentMonitorThread" (exit if parent dies)
sal/osl/unx/process.cxx Unix thread to call fork()
vcl/unx/generic/printer/cupsmgr.cxx CUPS PPD parsing thread
vcl/unx/generic/printer/cupsmgr.cxx CUPS printer listing thread
vcl/unx/generic/printer/printerinfomanager.cxx LPR printer listing thread
extensions/source/scanner/scanunx.cxx SANE scanner thread
jvmfwk/plugins/sunmajor/pluginlib/util.cxx Java property reader thread
pyuno/source/module/pyuno_gc.cxx PyUNO garbage collection thread
filter/source/xsltfilter/LibXSLTTransformer.cxx LibXSLTTransformer thread [uno-io] [uno-ure]
configmgr/source/components.cxx configmgr background writer thread [uno-ure]
ucb/source/ucp/webdav/SerfLockStore.cxx thread to refresh WebDAV locks (Serf)
ucb/source/ucp/webdav-neon/NeonLockStore.cxx thread to refresh WebDAV locks (Neon)
chart2/source/view/charttypes/GL3DBarChart.cxx 3D Chart render thread (in 3 variants)
svx/source/core/extedit.cxx ExternalEdit thread
dbaccess/source/ui/dlg/odbcconfig.cxx fork odbcconfig and wait for result
sc/source/core/tool/clkernelthread.cxx OpenCL compile thread
sfx2/source/doc/printhelper.cxx thread to delete print temp-file when printing is finished
sfx2/source/appl/shutdowniconw32.cxx Win32 quickstarter thread, running an event loop [EL]
dtrans/source/win32/dnd/target.cxx Win32 dtrans Drag-and-drop target thread - must run in COM STA [EL] [TA]
dtrans/source/win32/dnd/source.cxx Win32 dtrans Drag-and-drop source thread - must run in COM STA [EL?] [TA]
dtrans/source/win32/clipb/MtaOleClipb.cxx Win32 OLE clipboard change notifier thread - calls UNO listeners on new thread [uno-l]
dtrans/source/win32/clipb/MtaOleClipb.cxx Win32 OLE clipboard thread - runs event loop [EL] [TA]
fpicker/source/win32/filepicker/asynceventnotifier.cxx Win32 file picker event notifier thread - calls UNO listeners on new thread [uno-l]
fpicker/source/win32/filepicker/asyncrequests.cxx Win32 Vista file picker event thread - calls UNO listeners on new thread [uno-l]
fpicker/source/win32/folderpicker/MtaFop.cxx Win32 folder picker - new COM STA thread running event loop [EL] [TA]
connectivity/source/drivers/mozab/bootstrap/MNSInit.cxx Mozilla UI thread (for mozab) - with XPCOM! and event loop [EL]
avmedia/source/vlc/wrapper/EventHandler.cxx VLC event handler thread
vcl/unx/kde/UnxCommandThread.cxx KDE3 file picker thread [EL]
vcl/unx/kde/UnxNotifyThread.cxx KDE3 file picker event thread
forms/source/component/EventThread.cxx Forms click event handling thread - subclasses call lots of UNO things [EL] [UNO]
framework/source/helper/wakeupthread.cxx framework WakeUp thread - calls UNO listener every 25 msec [uno-l]
fpicker/source/win32/filepicker/getfilenamewrapper.cxx Win32 file picker - reads the file name from dialog in new COM STA thread ??? [TA????]
vcl/unx/generic/dtrans/X11_selection.cxx X11 Drag-and-drop thread [uno-l]
vcl/unx/generic/dtrans/X11_selection.cxx X11 SelectionManager thread - calls UNO listeners on new thread [uno-l]
io/source/stm/opump.cxx IO stream copy thread - copy from XInputStream to XOutputStream [uno-io] [uno-l]
vcl/unx/generic/app/sm.cxx X11 ICEConnectionWorker thread [EL]
linguistic/source/gciterator.cxx Grammar checking thread - uses XFlatParagraph from document [uno]
cppu/source/AffineBridge/AffineBridge.cxx Affine UNO-UNO bridge: 2 threads [TA] inner / [UNO] outer
dbaccess/source/filter/xml/xmlfilter.cxx "FastLoader" thread that loads a document and disposes it again, to load a DLL... [uno]
reportdesign/source/core/api/ReportDefinition.cxx "FactoryLoader" thread that loads a document and disposes it again, to load a DLL... [uno]
dbaccess/source/ui/relationdesign/RelationController.cxx thread to load table data into Base in background [uno]
extensions/source/plugin/unx/mediator.cxx Unix NPAPI plugin "mediator" thread [EL]
svx/source/form/fmsrcimp.cxx form control text search thread - moves around in database... [uno]
salhelper/source/timer.cxx salhelper timer manager thread - fires timers
sd/source/ui/remotecontrol/BluetoothServer.cxx Impress remote Bluetooth server thread
sd/source/ui/remotecontrol/Transmitter.cxx Impress remote Bluetooth transmitter thread
sd/source/ui/remotecontrol/DiscoveryService.cxx Impress remote mDNS discovery thread
sd/source/ui/remotecontrol/Server.cxx Impress remote Wifi acceptor thread [uno-ure]
sd/source/ui/remotecontrol/Communicator.cxx Impress remote communication thread [uno]
sdext/source/presenter/PresenterTimer.cxx Impress Presenter Console timer thread [uno-l]
sfx2/source/doc/doctemplates.cxx template update thread [uno-io]
svx/source/svdraw/svdograf.cxx async linked graphic loading thread [uno-io]
sw/source/core/docnode/finalthreadmanager.cxx job cancellation thread [uno]
sw/source/core/docnode/finalthreadmanager.cxx thread to delay termination if jobs still running [uno]
sw/source/uibase/dbui/maildispatcher.cxx Mail merge email sender thread - calls sendMailMessage and listeners [uno] [uno-l]
sw/source/core/docnode/retrieveinputstream.cxx thread to open XInputStream from URL [uno-io]
unotools/source/ucbhelper/ucblockbytes.cxx thread to execute UCB commands [uno-io]
cui/source/dialogs/cuigaldlg.cxx Gallery dialog thread that searches images in file system [uno-io]
cui/source/dialogs/cuigaldlg.cxx Gallery dialog thread that loads images [uno-io]
cui/source/options/personalization.cxx thread that searches for Personas on web [uno-io]
comphelper/source/misc/asyncnotification.cxx generic async event notification thread [uno-l]
sax/source/fastparser/fastparser.cxx SAX parser thread [uno-io]
sc/source/filter/oox/formulabuffer.cxx Calc OOXML cell formula import thread
sc/source/filter/oox/threadpool.cxx some experimental Calc threadpool - imports sheets in thread [uno-io]
sc/source/ui/docshell/datastream.cxx Calc DataStream reader thread [uno-io]
svtools/source/contnr/contentenumeration.cxx thread to enumerate files in a directory [uno-io]
svtools/source/control/inettbc.cxx thread to do auto-completion of file URLs [uno-io]
extensions/source/update/check/updatecheck.cxx Online update check thread (2 variants) [uno]
extensions/source/update/check/updatecheck.cxx Online update download thread - runs in COM STA
extensions/source/update/check/updatecheck.cxx Online update shutdown thread - calls terminate()
extensions/source/update/check/updatecheckjob.cxx Online update check job thread, may show a dialog? [uno]
desktop/source/deployment/gui/dp_gui_extensioncmdqueue.cxx thread to install/uninstall/etc. extensions - runs in COM STA... [uno]
desktop/source/deployment/gui/dp_gui_updatedialog.cxx thread to check for extension updates online [uno]
desktop/source/deployment/gui/dp_gui_updateinstalldialog.cxx thread to download and install extensions [uno]