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Split a patch after it was uploaded to gerrit

So, you have uploaded a patch to gerrit and your reviewer said: "Please split it in two patches". Well, it is clear what the reviewer want, ... but how to do this? Well this is only a matter of couple git commands:

get a change

first you start and donwload the gerrit patch and create a branch from there

git fetch refs/changes/42/1/42 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
git checkout -b split_that_change

start a rebase process

now we are going to start rebase and say in dialog edit for your commit and save & exit:

git rebase -i HEAD^

unstage your changes

now we are going to unstage the file in your commit:

git reset HEAD^

pick up files you want to preserve in your first change

now we are going to pick up files that should stay in your first change

git add foo

Note: if you do commit this way:

git commit -m "my first change"

you are going to lose your ChangeId. To preserve it, copy it from your last commit and paste it in your editor where your are writing the commit message. In this way it wouldn't be overriden by commit-hook.

git commit 
# enter the commit message and paste your ChangeId from your original commit

pick up files that are going in your second change

git add bar
git commit 
# and enter the commit message (new ChangeId is going to be generated)

complete the rebase operation

now we complete the rebase operation:

git rebase --continue

swap the order of commits (optionally)

Depends on your concrete change if your changes are related to each other you shoud care of the order of your changes. If you need to swap the order of changes then you have to rebase again:

git rebase -i HEAD~2
# change the order of two commits in e editor, save & exit

Now push

See: How to submit patches

Note: if you are going to do it with git-review you would get a warning, that you are going to upload more than once change. In this case it is okay, just say yes ... in the end we do know what we are doing ;-)