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This is the entry page on the code review tool and how to use it in LibreOffice.

Setting Yourself Up For Gerrit

See Setting yourself up for gerrit.

The alternative is fiddling with the manual approach, details of which can be found at Setting yourself up for gerrit - the manual way.

Sending a Patch to Gerrit

See Submit a patch for review with gerrit.

At the article Submit a patch for review with gerrit you will find a discussion of topics like:

  • submitting a new version
  • submitting patches as drafts

At the article Submodules you will find a discussion of submitting patches to submodules such as

  • dictionaries
  • helpcontent2 (for help files)
  • translations

Gerrit workflow compared to GitHub/GitLab

The workflow with Gerrit patches is just as simple as GitHub/GitLab pull/merge requests, having only a different approach. With GitHub/GitLab PRs/MRs, you work in a branch and your additional changes will appear as a series of commits. With a Gerrit patch, you keep amending a single commit and your changes will appear as a series of patch sets. In addition to this, for bigger projects it is possible to create a series of patches that depend on each other (Related changes) or even to create remote feature branches.

Obter mais informações sobre o Gerrit

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