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Some stuff can't be fixed on LibreOffice, let's try to list them and explain why.

convert_add function from "at" or "atm" to "Pa" gives same answer

tdf#72174 gives details but in brief, "at" and "atm" are 2 different units whereas LibreOffice consider them as same unit. This is due to 2 things:

  1. the will to be compatible with Excel which treats them as same unit too
  2. the fact that odf standard has followed this Excel's error

ODF standard should be fixed in its version 1.3 (

Missing right parenthesis isn't detected in Basic

First a bug, tdf#80731, has been declared for this and it's been fixed. Then tdf#106529 has been declared because lots of macros suddenly triggered errors. Even if most of (all?) LibreOffice macros have been fixed for the missing right parenthesis, any extension or macro used in companies may trigger this error. So the initial fix has been removed.

"Persistant" typo

Some code refer to "Persistant" whereas right spelling is "Persistent". This can't be fixed because has been declared as public interface and thus would break API compatibility (see and


Some code refer to "THROUGHT" whereas right spelling is "THROUGH". it's been fixed in 5.4 version and for the moment the wrong spelling has been deprecated, see