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Function name:



Financial Analysis


Returns the date of the first interest date after the settlement date. Format the result as a date.


COUPNCD(Settlement; Maturity; Frequency; Basis)



Settlement is the date of purchase of the security.

Maturity is the date on which the security matures (expires).

Frequency is number of interest payments per year (1, 2 or 4).

Basis (optional) is chosen from a list of options and indicates how the year is to be calculated.

Basis Calculation
0 or missing US method (NASD), 12 months of 30 days each
1 Exact number of days in months, exact number of days in year
2 Exact number of days in month, year has 360 days
3 Exact number of days in month, year has 365 days
4 European method, 12 months of 30 days each

Additional details:


A security is purchased on 2001-01-25; the date of maturity is 2001-11-15. Interest is paid half-yearly (frequency is 2). Using daily balance interest calculation (basis 3) when is the next interest date?

=COUPNCD("2001-01-25"; "2001-11-15"; 2; 3) returns 2001-05-15.

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