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SF Comments

(1) Result. Suggest the following replacement – “Returns a number representing the first coupon date after the settlement date. Since Calc handles date / time values as numerical values, you may need to format the result to view it as a date”. Maybe also state that the date returned will be > Settlement.
(2) Arguments, general. After implementing my comments on COUPDAYBS, please update this section to match exactly the text in the Arguments section of the COUPDAYBS page.
(3) Additional details. Might be worth stating that the function calculates back from the maturity date to find the required coupon date.
(4) Examples, 1st and 2nd examples. I do not recall using the term “daily balance interest calculation” in all the previously reviewed financial functions. Perhaps we should use “day count convention”, which seems to be a commonly used term. Also, change “next interest date” to “next coupon date after the settlement date”.
(5) Examples, 1st and 2nd examples. We need to be careful what we put in the Returns column because it will depend how Calc is configured and what formatting is applied to the cell. I think we should quote the numeric value of the date (37026) and the date in ISO 8601 format (2001-05-15), and a some sort of statement that the values a user sees could be different depending on formatting and configuration.
(6) Examples, 4th example. Insert “the” before “Settlement”.
(7) Examples, general. Maybe include some examples which use the DATE function, enter dates as numbers and use the % format for the Rate argument.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-13T14:26:43 (UTC)