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Statistical Analysis


Calculates the geometric mean of a set of numbers. The geometric mean of a set of N numbers is the Nth root of the product of the numbers.


GEOMEAN(Number 1 [; Number 2 [; … [; Number 255]]])


Returns a non-negative real number which is the geometric mean of the set of numbers.


Number 1, Number 2, ..., Number 255 are numbers, references to cells or to cell ranges of numbers for which the geometric mean is to be calculated.

  • If any of the arguments contain a value less than zero then the function returns an error value. However, empty cells and those with non-numeric (except for logical) values are ignored.

Additional details:

  • The formula for GEOMEAN is:

where N is the set of numbers passed as arguments and n is the size of that set. To find the value of n, use the function COUNT(N).

  • For more details on the geometric mean, visit Wikipedia.


Formula Description Returns
=GEOMEAN(23.5;46.7;69.5;4.54) The function calculates the geometric mean of the arguments passed. 24.2580758724851
=GEOMEAN(A1:A5) where A1:A5 contains 1,2,3,4,5 respectively The function calculates the geometric mean of the arguments passed. 2.60517108469735
=GEOMEAN(A1:A5) where A1:A5 contains 1,2,-3,4,5 respectively The function returns an error value since one of the arguments passed contains a negative value. Err:502

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Section 6.18.34

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