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SF Comments

(1) Summary. Suggest change “sequence data” to “set of numbers”. Maybe add a second sentence as follows - “The geometric mean of a set of N numbers is the Nth root of the product of the numbers”.
(2) Returns. Suggest change “a sample” to “the set of numbers”.
(3) Arguments, 1st paragraph. I am not sure that a reference to “random” is relevant. Maybe change “that represent a random sample” to “for which the geometric mean is to be calculated”.
(4) Arguments, bullet. What about cells that are blank or contain non-numeric data?
(5) Additional details, general. Can we include a link to the relevant Wikipedia page?
(6) Additional details, formula. Can we also include the version that shows it as a square root (similar to the right-hand side of the first formula on the Wikipedia page)? For many people this will be clearer.
(7) Additional details, text after formula. Could we change this to the following – “where N is the set of numbers passed as arguments and n is the size of that set. To find the value of n, use the function COUNT(N).”?
(8) Examples, first two examples. Insert “the” before “geometric mean”.
(9) Examples, third example. Insert “a” before “negative”.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-23T20:53:51 (UTC)


all points addressed. about updating formula since we have added wikilink it seems redundant.

--Ronnie rg8888 (talk) 2020-11-15T20:56:18 (UTC)